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Go Paddle Boarding



An Intense Workout

SUP can provide you with a very good overall workout. Using balance and strength to remain upright and to propel yourself on the water means you will be using several muscle groups in one shot.

And excellent part is that you can choose the level of intensity depending on the water you’re on. If you’re on the ocean with lots of currents and waves, it will be more intense, whereas a calmer body of water will be much less intense but still give you a great workout.

Core Benefits

Because almost every muscle is used at some point while stand up paddle boarding, it’s a great core workout.

Between the leg muscles hard at work to maintain your balance, arms, back and shoulders to propel you and your board ahead in the water, your core back and abdominal muscles are constantly at work throughout the workout.

Low Impact

An additional benefit that SUP provides is that it is a very low impact exercise. Therefore, it is unlikely that you will do damage to the tendons and ligaments of your joints which keeps you in the Zone of Endless Motion without putting you at risk of having to sit out due to injury.

If you lift weights in the gym or you engage in high impact sports, then your likelihood of injury is far higher than with stand-up paddling. Although, many of our ZEMfans and ZEMbassadors use ZEMs in the gym for weight training for the same reason that they’re great on the paddle board; they provide stability and support through the tech band support and the zero drop design.

Health Benefits

There are numerous health benefits to paddle surfing and the best part is it will not cause any damage to your body while you enjoy them.

The cardiovascular benefits are truly amazing. You will be able to substantially improve your level of cardio fitness.

Of course this translates into many benefits for your body, including a decreased incidence of heart attack and stroke.

In addition, you are going to consume a lot of calories. This will likely translate into a loss of weight.

Most of us are aware of all of the adverse conditions that are associated with being overweight.

You will reduce your chances of getting dia

betes, heart attack, stroke, and joint problems by reducing your weight, and SUP can help you accomplish this.

There is one more great benefit to be aware of… it is very relaxing and a great way to relieve stress. Stress, has countless adverse health consequences and negative effects on the body.

A Surfing Alternative

This sport is a very good alternative for people who have difficulty or fear of surfing.

You may have friends that surf, and you want to join the fun, but you are unable to. With SUP, you can still get out there and catch the waves and enjoy the surf with your friends.

Or you may have some health issues that make it difficult for you to surf. Once again SUP is a great alternative.


Success stories

Candice Clifford

Dec 03 at 17:40 pm
The first time I went paddle boarding was at BYUI with amber and a few other friends it was awesome I loved it!!!!

Angeles Jose Luis

Jul 24 at 19:06 pm
Alicante July 2016. Feeling so proud of you!!

Megan Neil

Nov 06 at 19:52 pm
I was on the NCS challenge and we were doing a paddle board competition.

Jesse Rye

Jul 29 at 18:39 pm
Didn't fall in the water

Jason Caan

May 09 at 19:19 pm
Belize with the army

Siru Wallin

Mar 24 at 04:16 am

Sapphire M

Jan 29 at 07:10 am
went with cousin and Kiara. I manged to do it without falling in!

Feuille Boi

Jan 20 at 19:00 pm
Japan jamboree

Truus Nackaerts

Jan 14 at 23:09 pm
@ Malaga, Spain

Valene Joshua

Jan 14 at 22:51 pm
fun times

Carly Radford

Jan 14 at 00:20 am
In Paxos, Greece, it's hard and I kept falling off!

Sarah Pfisterer

Jan 02 at 17:51 pm
On Gran Canaria

Billie Andrews

Dec 06 at 23:20 pm
Been paddle boarding A couple of times..good fun

Mike Wake

Nov 25 at 12:10 pm
With Dinis in Kroatien

Lea Hermanseder

Jun 27 at 19:11 pm
I'm going to do this on holiday at Montenegro. I'm so excited.

Vesa Koivunen

Jun 07 at 19:19 pm
For sure