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Go Hunting



You think it's pretty easy? You just need a gun and the work is over.

It isn’t easy. You have to work out hard to prepare your body for this. You'll drive into the trailhead, set up camp, find a right place to hunt. Every day.

It isn't cheap. Sure, we’ll have meat in the 3freezer if we get something. That’s a blessing and all, but compare that with the thousands in hunting gear and much more in the individual trips. High powered rifles are expensive and the ammunition is too.


Success stories

Sharath Shanth

May 10 at 20:42 pm
Used to go hunting for wild boar and other game birds in coorg.

Clair Elliott

Apr 13 at 00:02 am
used to spend my Saturdays as a child beating with my dad

Kathryn Taylor

Mar 05 at 21:08 pm
I have been hunting since I was little. My dad taught me to hunt and it was an amazing bonding time

Sadhbh Sutton

Jan 08 at 15:37 pm
Farm life

Bethany Miller

Nov 07 at 02:32 am
I have hunted all my life. :)