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Go Dogsledding in Norway




How do you plan your family vacations? If you’re like most people a family trip is an opportunity to relax and see beautiful places, but it’s also a chance to learn about and connect with a new culture. This year instead of touring old buildings or taking photos of ancient ruins consider tackling an outdoor-adventure. Step back in time with your family in a unique and unforgettable way next winter when you go dogsledding in Norway.

Picture yourself on the sled runners: the view of unspoiled countryside enhanced by stillness, broken only by the steady panting of the dogs. The rhythm of their smooth lope over snowy trails reminds you of the deep and ancient bond which exists between man and dog, transporting you to a simpler time. The friendly wags of your team will offer infectious energy to your party and the glorious Norwegian winter landscape provide you and your family with exclusive vistas that most tourists never have the chance to see.


Outdoor activities bring families together by challenging us to step outside our comfort zone. Attempting something new like dogsledding will enrich your life and strengthen the bond you share with your loved ones. As you push into the new, unspoiled winter landscape of Norway a fresh internal landscape will awaken and emerge in each member of your family – inspiring your troop with a vital sense of discovery and enthusiasm.

If you’re traveling with children who love animals there’s nothing quite like the thrill experienced during a dogsledding adventure. Not only is it fun for kids to fly overnight and watch a movie on a plane during your flight to Norway, but friendly dogs and playful mushing guides will make sure your children have the trip of a lifetime – learning things that aren’t taught inside their classrooms back home.

Speaking of teaching – consider the lessons inherent in your next family trip. While theme-park vacations are fun, a dogsledding trip will teach your child that getting outdoors in the fresh air and learning about new communities and a foreign way of life can be even more gratifying. The family photos won’t be half-bad either.


If you love dogs and love the outdoors then booking a dogsledding trip is one of the best investments you’ll ever make. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a short 1-day ride with a stop for a trail-side picnic lunch, or a week-long winter-camping adventure through a remote part of Norway … the magic you’ll feel once you step onto the runners and experience the strength and passion of Norway’s huskies will introduce you to a brand of fun you won’t find anywhere else.

Experienced mushers often turn their dogs loose after a long run, letting them stretch their muscles by running free and playing with one another. Imagine standing with your family in the midst of a pack of happy huskies – dogs which you’ve watched perform all day – as they bound and frolic through the snow around you. We dare you not to smile.


Success stories

Fabiana van der Heiden

Apr 16 at 17:42 pm
Being together with strong and clever Husky's in the raw and beautiful Norwegian nature was a magnificent experience...

David Llana

Mar 01 at 03:24 am
No fue en noruega, fue en Suecia

Angelica Steen

Feb 17 at 16:46 pm