• Learn to say 'no' to the good so you can say 'yes' to the best. John C. Maxwell

Give Compliments to Strangers



It Motivates

Complimenting someone gives an indication that he/she is being admired. It gives motivation to the person to do something much better than before. If you praise the food your mother made, she would be happy and would make it for you again with additional love. If you praise your colleague or your workers for their hard work, they will be motivated to work even harder.

It Creates Positivity

Focusing on the good and then expressing it delivers a positive effect on that person as well as on you. Your outlook turns optimistic. Compliment is a cost-free, effort-free small thing that can bring about highly positive changes in our surroundings.

It Spreads Love

Complimenting your closed ones creates love. Imagine if your wife never complemented you for your smartness, wisdom, strength or hard work or if your husband never complemented you for your cooking, beauty, looks or house-work. Life would be so dull if there had been no appreciation or praise. Compliment is an essential part of any relationship. It makes the bond stronger and makes you more loveable in the eyes of others.

It Boosts Self Esteem

Giving a compliment can sometimes be challenging. You can compliment someone if you feel good. It does not require any physical effort to praise someone’s skill or appearance but this little thing can build up your self esteem and you will start feeling great about yourself too. This is because once your views about others become positive you will feel confident of yourself too.

It Breaks Ego

You had an argument with your friend and the discussion ended with bad feelings in your heart. You want to rebuild the same bond of friendship but your arrogance does not let you do so. Just try giving a genuine compliment to him/her with sincerity and you will find your bad ego vanish like a vapor before the sun.


Success stories

kylie quinn

Mar 03 at 00:18 am
I tell people they are really pretty or something like that all the time it's apart of being a good person

Siru Wallin

Nov 03 at 00:50 am
Many times over the years

Clair Louise

Oct 31 at 23:43 pm
Do this regularly in my job

Medhavi Agarwal

Apr 30 at 20:38 pm
sexy hairstyle Delhi airport

Jente Van Campenhout

Mar 03 at 19:07 pm
when I like/ appreciate something, I say it

Kaylyne Woodburne

Feb 02 at 19:56 pm
I paid for a homeless lady's lunch

Alina Masotti

Jan 18 at 05:39 am
I do this all the time.

Joyce Giebens

Jan 14 at 00:13 am

Rosalind Pingleton

Jan 12 at 17:38 pm

Saar Van Acker

Jan 10 at 21:52 pm
give love, get love back

Vesa Koivunen

Jun 07 at 19:23 pm