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Get My First Car



Finding and buying a perfect car is not an easy task. There are many decisions to make and many options to weigh, not to mention many colors to choose from. The price, of course, has to be a deciding factor, as well as how often you drive the car. Whether you're buying new or used, from a private seller or a car dealership.


Success stories

Candice Clifford

Dec 03 at 17:50 pm
I got my first car. it was a Nissan altima 2014 white.

Lisan Noordegraaf

Jun 22 at 10:08 am
Mijn eigen auto.

Christine Kangah

Sep 29 at 12:57 pm
I loved this car

Ashley Moss

Jun 20 at 22:35 pm
When I was 19

Emily Masttopaho

May 19 at 14:54 pm
I have my own car!

Kasia Pis

May 04 at 17:49 pm

Joseph Tucker

Dec 09 at 03:21 am
It was a junker. But it worked (somewhat)!

Annu Yadav

Dec 08 at 07:02 am
my first car.

Mane Papyan

Dec 05 at 07:31 am
Our gift to my father

Anita Schultz

Oct 07 at 10:55 am
Got myself a Ford Fiesta 1l turboboost

Veronique Huntjens

Sep 17 at 19:07 pm
Nieuwe twingo gekocht

Piondev Mobile

Aug 07 at 12:31 pm

Stephanie Kraewinkels

Jul 28 at 12:29 pm
Loved it!

Bach Van

Jul 28 at 08:28 am

alice -

Jun 12 at 15:11 pm
my first car-myvi

Sandra v. d. Linde

Jun 12 at 04:30 am

Lizzie Tillery

May 26 at 21:45 pm
I got my first car my junior year of high school! It was a red Ford Focus

J Way

Mar 15 at 06:15 am

Laura Jenkins

Mar 05 at 21:11 pm

Migelienne Toussaint

Mar 01 at 21:12 pm

Scott Bair

Feb 21 at 00:21 am
Aka Anjin-san.

Barbaros Gozneli

Feb 20 at 20:17 pm

Ace Hearts

Feb 20 at 15:34 pm
my parents got me my first car

Sweet Lady

Feb 13 at 02:44 am
Une vieille Ford Fiesta grise, je m'en rappellerai toujours je crois

Roza Ustrzycka

Feb 06 at 23:20 pm
i bought my first car

Jocelyn Balla

Feb 01 at 16:18 pm
My first car is a Chevy Cruze.

Aimee Larsen

Jan 29 at 20:38 pm
Finally passed my test (5th time!) & bought a Peugeot 107 :)

Deborah Beirne

Jan 28 at 00:43 am
Seat Ibiza from John Keane's Roscommon

Örjan Karlén

Jan 22 at 18:55 pm
A green audio 80 from 1980 was the first car a bought!

Joana Martins

Jan 22 at 14:32 pm
My baby Clio

Ebony Rodwell

Jan 17 at 20:03 pm
My first car I purchased. 2002 Jeep Liberty

Stef Wilmsen

Jan 04 at 12:47 pm
Chevy aveo

schnicki4 .

Jan 04 at 04:37 am
nissan micra

Savi Khanal

Jan 04 at 01:03 am
First car, Malibu

Pre Kaur

Jan 03 at 21:22 pm

Sarah Pfisterer

Jan 03 at 19:28 pm
Renault Twingo

3/ 4

Jan 02 at 21:21 pm
I got a car when I graduated HS, before I even started learning how to drive.

Tamblyn Devoy

Jan 02 at 11:44 am
Suzuki Swift 2015 Model, Red, "Dorsey"

Shyanne Marlett

Jan 02 at 07:23 am

Manu Wehren

Jan 01 at 14:51 pm
Peugeot 206 in Rot

Alina Masotti

Dec 31 at 04:50 am
I named her Carla.

Sharon Hudson

Dec 31 at 00:33 am
2001 Plymouth Neon

Erin O'Brien

Dec 28 at 06:31 am

Nichole Hatch

Dec 19 at 17:10 pm
Ford Escort ZX2 '03

zara stewart

Dec 17 at 00:06 am
Today I bought my first car

Jenny Haa

Nov 27 at 08:50 am
Finally got a car! With 30! XD