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Get Married to the Love of My Life



Marriage is a lifetime commitment that many people enter into with a specific set of hopes, expectations and dreams. Although lots of people are happy with their spouses for many years, others come to regret their decision and end up in divorce court within a few years of getting married. There are many benefits to marriage, as well as downsides that may make it too much of a sacrifice for some people.

One of the most obvious benefits of marriage is the fact that you are entering into a commitment to live with and love the person of your choice for the rest of your life. Throughout all the challenges that life offers, a dedicated lover will be there for you. In marriage, you do not have to face anything alone; you are considered a unit by family, friends and the law.

Marriage tends to offer greater financial stability for both men and women. The combined assets make it a worthwhile investment, and two incomes make life easier for most people.

The opportunity to be part of a family is one of the most basic benefits marriage offers. Although single men and women can have a family, marriage offers the easiest way to start and maintain a family. Furthermore, two parents who are both involved in the life of a child mean a balanced upbringing for the child and less stress on either parent.


Success stories

Keely Surprenant

Mar 22 at 07:14 am
Glad we met so young and get to grow up together!

Rebecca Nolletti

Dec 25 at 03:21 am
Cardome center wedding, married by Mike Gioja with Keegan Coombs acting as witness for the marriage license. Best day of my life

Ash Trotter

Nov 10 at 02:03 am
It was awesome.

Lisan Noordegraaf

Jun 22 at 10:33 am
Trouwen in een bruidsjurk.

S King

Feb 09 at 10:51 am
Still married

Joli Suzuki

Nov 10 at 12:11 pm
Our perfect day! Everybody told us we looked So happy! And we were both smiling the whole day. I Married My best friend and love of My life.

Miia Turunen

Aug 22 at 02:14 am
I'm mrs now :3

Scott Gilby

Aug 01 at 23:56 pm
My Beautiful Wife the love of my life

Tammi Hervol

Apr 05 at 21:57 pm

Barbaros Gozneli

Feb 20 at 17:52 pm
Happily ever after

Mohamed Farghly

Feb 11 at 06:49 am


Jan 04 at 23:08 pm
長長久久! happy life !


Jan 02 at 16:18 pm

Sharon Hudson

Dec 31 at 00:33 am

Kate S

Dec 17 at 14:48 pm