• In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing. Theodore Roosevelt

Get Married



Sharing Life

Staying single is not as appealing as it looks. At some point in your life you may feel the need to be loved and taken care of. You would wish there was someone to share your sad and happy moments, someone to share your success and failure, someone to do things along with you, someone to accompany you on vacations, just someone who shares life with you! Marriage allows you to have this someone who will share your feelings and experiences. When you have someone to share everything with, then you get to know what is more important for you and your relationship. This will help you to realize your dreams and make them come true.

Better and Safer Sex Life

Marriage means better and safer sex. Married sex is more sophisticated and healthy than single sex. The things people say about sex life becoming monotonous and predictable after marriage are just misconceptions. Most couples who have been married for so long admitted that sex life keeps on getting better. After years of being married, it will become easier to open up to your spouse about your fantasies and desires and get what you want without any fear of being judged. Sexual experimentation is what keeps married sex spiced up for years.

Good for Mental Health

People who are single feel more burdened by life’s hardships whereas married people have a partner to support and comfort them thus making them worry less about such obstacles in life and improve their emotional health. Married people are less distraught and less psychologically perturbed than single, divorced, cohabiting or widowed people. When people marry, their mental health improves in a steady and considerable manner. But divorce leads to decline in mental health and self esteem leading to depression and estrangement. A failed marriage doesn’t serve as a reason to avoid them altogether. Instead you should refrain from getting into bad relationships and marry the person whom you truly love. A happy marriage reduces the stress levels, the reason being the positive influence of your partner on your life style contributing to better health.


You will feel the need to have kids in your life in order to make it meaningful. Life is definitely meaningless without family and marriage is the foundation for a family. Marriage allows you to fulfill this desire of having kids besides helping you to continue your bloodline. Being a parent is an aspect of adulthood that every person wants to experience and marriage gives the most stable environment for that. To be a parent of a kid is an extraordinary experience that one can have in a lifetime. The cute things that kids do when they are so small give the parents’ hearts the joys that can’t be compared to anything in the world. Nothing is more sweet and beautiful than the unconditional love you will develop towards your children. And even more heart warming is the love that your kids will show towards you. To raise your children in a good and healthy atmosphere, marriage is very much necessary. Children can lead a positive and secure lifestyle if their parents stay married.


Through marriage you prove your love by giving your partner a lifelong commitment and taking the responsibility to be with them in every aspect of their life. Marriage is the highest commitment you can give the person you love. As a matter of fact, it exemplifies everlasting commitment in a relationship. Making this commitment will change your life. When you and your partner are wholly committed to making your relationship work, then the best thing to do would be to get married because marriage is the only realistic means of permanence in a relationship. In my opinion without commitment any relationship has no direction for the future. The question that pops into my mind is that if you don’t commit to your love of life by marriage, then how could you get to experience the next stage of relationship – a future together?


Success stories

Bethany Castle

Dec 12 at 20:44 pm
My husband and I got married in 2015, after over 5 years of dating

Simone Egger-Partl

Dec 08 at 06:58 am
We married on our 2nd anniversary

tracey mandavy

Nov 14 at 03:05 am

Martin Riess

Mar 09 at 20:30 pm

hosein reishahri

Dec 05 at 20:18 pm
In 2010 we married

Siru Wallin

Mar 24 at 03:53 am
Was not a success story, cause I got divorced.

Piondev Mobile

Aug 07 at 12:28 pm

Kris Berrie

Aug 03 at 00:37 am

'Q' Bjorndalen

Apr 27 at 09:10 am
Won't do that again

Brenna seraphim

Mar 26 at 21:41 pm
Happy. Love. Husband.

Cherie Stratton

Mar 01 at 12:13 pm

Leah Geiger

Mar 01 at 07:52 am
The most breath taking and best day of our lives

Scott Bair

Feb 21 at 12:42 pm
With the most incredible woman.

Vera Domemy

Feb 04 at 06:03 am
I love you!

Rosalind Pingleton

Jan 11 at 20:35 pm
married my best friend Elam

Yana Robinson

Jan 08 at 13:59 pm
It's nice to be married.


Jan 06 at 19:34 pm
with remi

Talia Incog

Dec 28 at 23:15 pm
beautiful backyard ceremony on my mom's back deck

Shannon Kokkonen

Dec 28 at 06:00 am
Adam Kokkonen


Dec 24 at 07:09 am
Rainbow Mountain Whistler

Sharon Hudson

Dec 18 at 16:13 pm

Daiana Muniz

Dec 17 at 00:49 am

Eugene Swee

Nov 29 at 16:55 pm
Been there Done that :)

Pınar Kiran Camlica

Nov 26 at 06:43 am

Kim Bezemer

Jun 12 at 18:46 pm
With a beautiful dress and big cake!

Holden Barrett

Jun 05 at 02:09 am
It was great