• You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you. Walt Disney

Get Hypnotized



To See if It’s Possible

There are plenty of skeptics out there, and many of them ask to be hypnotized or even visit a hypnotherapist solely to see if hypnosis is ‘real.’

For the Experience

Hypnosis is wonderfully relaxing and pleasant. There are many subjects who simply crave this feeling. We all enjoy the feeling of being relaxed and happy. In today’s hectic world, more people than ever are in desperate need of some deep relaxation.

Smoking Cessation

Smoking kills, and everybody knows it. However, for a variety of reasons, many of us still light up. The ‘quick-fix’ appeal of hypnosis sends many people flocking to hypnotherapists to kick the habit..

Spiritual Enlightenment

We live in an age when many people feel disconnected from God, their Higher Power, or universe. Whatever the reason behind it, the result is the same – people feel ‘dead’ inside, without purpose or meaning to their lives. Hypnosis can be a wonderful tool for reconnection.

Past Life Regression

Many people believe that we have lived before, in different bodies and times. If you attempt this type of work, please be careful not to ‘implant’ a memory which never existed in the first place. This is easier than you may think, and can really mess with your subject’s head. Study the field before you try this type of hypnotherapy.

Weight Loss

Obesity is truly an epidemic, and many people feel powerless over their weight. Hypnotherapy for weight loss is hugely popular because of this phenomenon, and thankfully, it’s often very effective. .


Whether they call it a phobia or simply an irrational belief, fear is a huge motivator for seeking hypnotherapy. In many cases, these phobias can be effective removed in just one session. As with other serious types of hypnotherapy, read extensively on the topic before attempting to remove a phobia. With the wrong techniques, some fears can actually be worsened, but with the correct methods they can be removed much more easily and gently than the subject ever imagined.


Unfortunately, many people today are walking around with extremely low opinions of themselves. These feelings usually stem from negative beliefs which the subject heard and, for whatever reason, accepted as fact. An abusive parent or school bullying are common causes, although they’re far from the only reasons for poor self-image.

Social Rejection

Believe it or not, getting dumped or feeling like an outcast is an immensely popular reason for seeking hypnotherapy. If a subject is taking this rejection extremely hard, they most likely have some self-confidence issues.


As a society, we have a great deal of trouble getting to sleep at night. Although it’s a big issue for those who suffer, insomnia is exceptionally easy to treat with hypnosis. Be sure to educate your subjects about proper sleep hygiene – their sleep environment, avoiding stimulation in the evening, monitoring caffeine use – while they’re alert as well as in trance to implant this information firmly.