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Get a Spray Tan




Always jump in the shower and exfoliate all over before going for a spray tan. Otherwise you will wind up with dark knees and elbows. Exfoliating will make your tan more even.

Shave or wax first

There is nothing quite as weird as the cross-hatching pattern you will get on your legs if you have long leg hair when you go to get a spray tan. The hairs get tanning solution on them, then press it into your legs. It will effectively paint a forest of leg hair onto your legs and look super weird. (For some reason, this was never a problem with arm hair. I do not know why.)

Do your nails first

If you’re going to get a manicure, do that before the spray tan. There’s a barrier cream you can use to protect your polish from discoloring, but if you get your nails done after the tan, all the creams and rubbing might leave your hands lighter than the rest of your body.

Pick your outfit carefully

You want to avoid anything that will stain from the tan, but also you will want to avoid having to wear anything that will rub the tan off. I like to wear a dark maxi dress, which means I don’t have to wear a bra or underwear underneath.

No sad movies after your tan

Just trust me on this one, it is a bad idea to go see a really sad movie right after getting a spray tan. Water causes the tan to spot or smear, so avoid showering and getting splattered with liquids right after the tan.


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