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Get a Henna Tattoo



Fifteen reasons to get a henna tattoo.

  1. First of all, henna is temporary.

  2. If you’re careful and don’t put too much water on it, it can stay for up to 3 weeks.

  3. It’s perfect if you’re commitment phobic towards body art.

  4. You don’t need an expert to put it on you.

  5. Seriously. Even a bunch of dots can look pretty with henna.

  6. Or a cute little succulent.

  7. Even a tiny musical note.

  8. It (not unlike humans) looks beautiful in all colours.

  9. Henna is applied before all happy occasions in South Asian countries as well as the Middle East.

  10. Like weddings and baby showers.

  11. It’s made from crushed leaves of the Henna plant and is super safe and organic.

  12. I mean you can put this stuff on babies!

  13. And plates. It looks great on plates too.

  14. There’s absolutely no pain in this kind of tattoo.

  15. Except for the pain of keeping you hand still while it’s applied and dried.


Success stories

Emily Evans

Jun 21 at 19:47 pm
I got a kit and did it myself with friends it was super fun

Aly M

Dec 16 at 01:27 am
did self hennas, had them done at streer fairs and craft shows.

Maria Roşu

Nov 23 at 18:30 pm
went to mako,hungary at the onion festival and got one

Clair Elliott

Mar 12 at 23:04 pm
got this done as a child in skegness on holiday

Radhika Jay

Feb 25 at 09:58 am
At Sejal’s wedding

Ushashi Mitra

Aug 09 at 11:37 am

Gabby Cabeo

Aug 06 at 23:48 pm
We had an Asian culture month at my school, and during one of the activity days, free henna tattoos were offered to students.

Jane Singman

Aug 06 at 04:02 am
virginia beach

Dina Søe Poku

Aug 03 at 23:04 pm

Rohini Naidu

Apr 22 at 08:31 am
Well I'm Indian so I always wear mending, but it's nice to have done something to tick of a bucket list. Henna/Mendhi is so easy to get a hold of and it looks really pretty so everyone should try it :)

Fabiana van der Heiden

Apr 16 at 04:12 am
Had one in India. Was done on the beach on my foot. Is was beautiful!

Nekesha Francis

Apr 03 at 14:06 pm
I finally got it done in NYC in Jackson heights with very little fanfare, the money and time spent were very worth it and if you are wondering how I got the color to darken up I used Vicks vapor rub ;-)

Ariel Bosselaar

Mar 26 at 07:28 am
Psychic fair


Mar 10 at 09:40 am

Cherie Stratton

Feb 28 at 10:21 am

lubna karad

Feb 13 at 13:48 pm
i always do it

Deepti Mahesh

Feb 03 at 09:53 am
Every Indian marriage ever.

Annija Bule

Jan 24 at 22:41 pm
Vasarā pati sev uztaisīju hennas tetuvējumu.

Karen Tarroyo

Jan 08 at 15:19 pm
Did this once when i was in high School

Viviana White

Jan 08 at 10:32 am
Do it to mysef

Alina Masotti

Jan 08 at 02:47 am
i liked it.

Pre Kaur

Jan 06 at 23:51 pm

Taylor Lynn-Jones

Jan 06 at 00:45 am
India Trip 2013

Teresa Thompson

Jan 06 at 00:38 am
First Henna tattoo in India!

Kat Geo

Jan 04 at 22:15 pm
during family vacation, lol cousin got one too

Shyanne Marlett

Jan 02 at 07:28 am

Nahdi Easter

Jan 02 at 01:57 am
I got my first henna way before this and it cost me 25 dollars for the hand and up the arm. I got a genuine one it lasted for 3 weeks. I loved it. I get them whenever I can now and people always compliment me on my Mandi.

karlee Immel

Jan 01 at 18:30 pm
I got henna tubes and I started doing my friends and they turned out really good!

sarah mcalister

Jan 01 at 04:23 am
Italy holiday at a water park. It barely lasted a few days.

disha gala

Dec 18 at 10:09 am
I had many a times bcoz I am an Indian

Daiana Muniz

Dec 17 at 00:48 am

Krishia Paüline

Dec 16 at 06:32 am
Henna in Cebu, Philippines

Madison Fox

Nov 15 at 01:19 am
I did it at Fort Myers Beach