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Get a Degree



Many potential students waver when they consider whether or not to get a bachelor's degree. In some professions, such as business, professional athletics, professional writing, art, or restaurant management, a college degree isn't necessarily a requirement for finding a job. However, most career analysts and experts agree that a bachelor's degree is still an important asset that can offer professionals many advantages.

Although a bachelor's degree is not necessary for getting some positions, it can still be an important tool for gaining employment. When two job candidates have equal qualifications, an employer is often more likely to choose the candidate with the college degree. In addition, even in job where a college degree is not relevant, such as in many hospitality or service jobs, employers are more likely to choose the candidate with a college degree.


Success stories

Jess Purificacao

May 08 at 16:27 pm
International Relations Degree! Erasmus 5 meses em Ostravra. Media final 12

Natasja M

Jan 10 at 23:08 pm
I did it!

Jesse Pons

Dec 12 at 16:49 pm
In 2012, I graduated from SWPU. My major is Applied Chemistry. And I got the Bachelor's degree. I'm proud that I can get my degree from SWPU. And fortunately I met some awesome friends there.

Leelou Fitoussi

Nov 25 at 11:08 am
Bachelor Management of Tourism

Vazgen Manukyan

Aug 13 at 16:02 pm
I got a master degree of radiophysics at 2003

holly card

Apr 11 at 00:27 am
I got a BA hons degree in content development and production for television. I completed this in 2012.

Iga Maciejewska

Apr 30 at 00:42 am
Dream completed

Melissa Tolson

Feb 04 at 21:22 pm
AAS degree 2011

Sofia Duarte

Nov 14 at 03:26 am

Holly Kissel

Oct 09 at 01:51 am
BA in Linguistics!

Stephanie Kraewinkels

Jul 28 at 12:20 pm
2 times achieved!

Bach Van

Jul 28 at 08:33 am
2010 BA ( Hons) First Degree

alice -

Jun 12 at 15:31 pm
bachelor food and process engineering

Sandra v. d. Linde

Jun 12 at 04:30 am

Shiylah Hussain

Mar 25 at 02:38 am
Bachelors of Science degree

Angelica Larsson

Mar 24 at 12:42 pm
Jag fick E i alla månen innan studenten. Proud!

Marnelle Janse van Rensburg

Mar 24 at 05:44 am
Pushed through, didn't quit! finished with a degree cum laude in dance teaching:) My friend graduated also with a cum laude just in musical theatre!

Caitlin Breen

Mar 14 at 04:29 am

marianikol100 .

Mar 12 at 21:11 pm

London Leopard

Mar 12 at 09:38 am
graduated in July 2016

Greta Burokaitė

Feb 16 at 10:06 am
master's degree

Audrey Maes

Feb 14 at 01:00 am
got a master's degree in multilingual communications

Medhavi Agarwal

Jan 15 at 19:19 pm
graduated :)

Valene Joshua

Jan 14 at 23:09 pm

Ollie Martin

Jan 14 at 00:23 am
Bachelor of Sciences 2:2 - Computing: Games Simulation and Virtual Reality

Koen Naulaerts

Jan 11 at 05:44 am
Finished my degree in Business Management at LSBU! So much fun doing the EBM project!

Chan Harrell

Jan 08 at 15:51 pm
Educational leadership specialist degree

Niki B

Jan 07 at 14:02 pm
Got my Psychology Ba :) for now...

Kore CF

Jan 07 at 05:34 am
In Japan!

Pre Kaur

Jan 06 at 23:49 pm

anna cinneri

Jan 02 at 14:04 pm
diplôme des beaux arts avec les félicitations du jury

Aimee Lyons

Dec 29 at 22:29 pm
graduated from University of Derby, Buxton.

Claire Hall

Dec 19 at 12:09 pm
Be Hons in English and History

Cassandra Frampton

May 30 at 07:21 am
Bachelor of Nursing completed