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Fly a Kite




Kite flying puts you in an environment that’s conducive to outdoor play. If you like to get your kite in the air with a running start (even though the wind usually does the work for you), the sprints could help get your heart rate up. If you want to raise your heart rate while the kite is still up in the air, try kiteboarding. And once you’ve packed away the kite, you might be tempted take a walk, run, or otherwise enjoy the outdoor setting.


While most kites can be flown by one person, kite flying is often done in a group, whether it’s simply a fun family outing or an organized festival or competition. As outdoor activities go, it’s unusually inclusive, open to individuals of every age, size, and physical ability. A beautiful kite is also a natural conversation starter – an excuse to create happy memories with loved ones or make an acquaintance with a fellow kite flyer at the park. For more ideas on how to get active with your kids, read our article here.

Spending time in nature

Flying a kite in an open field or on the beach puts you closer to nature, an environment that offers plenty of mind/body benefits. We wrote about the health benefits of being in nature here. Being outside and experiencing nature, whether it is a small patch of grass or a tree in an urban setting, or a park, or the countryside, helps to reduce anxiety and depression, and benefits your mental health.


Being mindful of your current surroundings fosters acute awareness of the here and now. That awareness, in turn, has a number of proven health benefits, including improved pain management and decreased anxiety and depression. Research has also shown that it’s associated with anatomic changes in areas of the brain involved in memory, learning, and emotion.

Good for the eyes

Kite-flying is also good for eye health. Gazing at the blue sky above can help better regulate eye muscles and nerves, which helps alleviate eye fatigue and can prevent myopia.

Good for the neck

As we look upward, our necks open, an important counterbalance to looking down or at eye level. Those who sit at a desk all day are at high risk of cervical disease, and while flying a kite, one can maintain the cervical spine and spinal muscle tension. This promotes the flexibility of ligaments and vertebral joints and prevents degenerative changes, and increases bone metabolism, which can help prevent cervical disease.

Boosts creativity

Kite flying develops creative thinking, both in the making of the kite as well as flying and adapting it to changes in the wind.

Reduces stress

Kite flying will regenerate energy and has a way of reducing stress and tension of everyday life. Watching a kite drift across the sky, it’s easy to become relaxed, temporarily letting go of today’s headaches and tomorrow’s deadlines.

Promotes self-expression

Kites are a form of personal expression and beauty whether purchased or handmade. Making or building kites engages the creative process on the right side of the brain. Visualization, planning, concentration, coordination, problem solving and other skills can be developed and fine tuned.


A colorful kite soaring gracefully overhead is a lovely sight. Making your own kite can be an act of artistry and creativity. But even the selection of a store-bought kite is a mode of personal expression and a celebration of what’s beautiful to you. Think of it as having happiness on a string.


Success stories

Nahdi Easter

Jan 02 at 19:49 pm
I did this for a class assignment. we made kites because we read the kite runner. we went outside and tested them out. I have flown a kite way before this but this was the last time I could remember.

Tati Limas

Feb 03 at 21:03 pm
I flew my first kite with my little sister

Japke Kuipers

Jul 27 at 21:58 pm
Met heit op het strand

Pieper Isabella

Jun 25 at 03:06 am
It was a kite

Bucketlist127 User

May 09 at 23:58 pm

Lara van putten

Mar 25 at 20:59 pm

Nik Goradia

Mar 09 at 13:07 pm
childhood activity in India

Melissa O

Mar 07 at 18:52 pm
I flew a kite

Cherie Stratton

Mar 01 at 11:38 am

Shannon Kokkonen

Jan 21 at 08:18 am
as a kid

Emilija Ilić

Jan 19 at 23:46 pm

Sapphire Duron

Jan 13 at 16:21 pm
no story really

Rosalind Pingleton

Jan 12 at 18:18 pm

Alina Masotti

Jan 08 at 16:51 pm
Summer activity.

Viviana White

Jan 05 at 14:08 pm
I had my own pink and black kite when u was 4 yrs old

Xiomara Martinez

Dec 19 at 23:55 pm

Martin van Heerden

Dec 14 at 09:49 am
As kind het ek gereeld Kite gevlieg

Billie Andrews

Dec 06 at 22:57 pm
flown A kite up Dunstable Downs

Hilal Yeken

Dec 05 at 23:27 pm
in the orphanage