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Float in the Dead Sea



The Dead Sea is the saltiest body of water on Earth. It’s also the lowest point on Earth. While the lake itself is fed by the River Jordan and other small streams, it does not have a place where the water leaves. High temperatures in the area make evaporation an almost constant occurrence, which makes it so the Dead Sea never overflows. The evaporation is also another reason why the lake is so insanely salty. If this isn’t enough to get you excited about visting, how about the fact that because of its extremely high salt content when you get in the water you actually float. So it is a great chance if you want to experience the sensation of floating. That’s how it got it’s name actually. There is so much salt, that nothing can live in the water, hence the name, the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea is almost three million years old and is said to be first spotted by Herod the Great, the Roman King of Judea. Cleopatra is also thought to have been a large promoter of the benefits of its mud and waters, and it has been found that the Egyptians used the asphalt it produced (yes, the Dead Sea even produces asphalt) to help mummify their pharaohs. The black mud found on the seabed is high in magnesium, sodium, potassium, and calcium, which can give you a mud bath better than you could find in a spa. Although if you want the full on spa experience, there are plenty of them all around the sea’s coast.


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Charlotte Andriani

Dec 02 at 16:16 pm
With my parents a long time ago

Daniel Skilich

Nov 04 at 19:27 pm

Arthur Olaye

Sep 28 at 13:16 pm
it was a great experience.

Bahaa Elias

Sep 26 at 12:24 pm
it was a nice experience, when i put it on bucket list app I never knew I would go there so quick. thanks and graditute to the universe.

Paulina M

Jan 15 at 22:57 pm
Loved every minute of it! definetly want to go back!

Sarah Hoek

Nov 30 at 20:16 pm
Don't get hurt before. hurts like a mofo