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Explore a Cave



Five great caves you can explore.

Crystal Cave - Mexico

Giant Crystal Cave, in Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico, contains some of the largest crystals ever discovered. The crystals - the largest one being 39' long and weighing 55 tons - were formed over 500,000 years when a magma chamber under the cave heated and filled the ground water with minerals. Researchers believe there might be other caverns with giant crystals, but to get to them, they would have to demolish the crystals that have already been discovered.

Stephen's Gap - Alabama

This vertical cave in Alabama can be entered either by repelling the 143' drop through a keyhole, or scrambling down some rocks through a second entrance. Either way you might get splashed by the waterfall that enters the cavern near the ceiling.

Blue Grotto - Capri

The entrance to the Blue Cave is so close to sea level that visitors usually drive up in a motor boat, then change to a small row boat and lie flat on their backs as they pass under the rock entry way and into the cave. Inside, a second underwater entrance - which is 10 times bigger than the surface level entrance - provides light that makes the cavern appear bright blue.

Majlis al Jinn - Oman

This is the ninth largest cave chamber in the world; locals know it as Khoshilat Maqandeli. It was discovered by Americans W. Don Davison, Jr. and his wife, Cheryl S. Jones in 1983. Cheryl's Drop is one entrance where you can repel 158.2' into the chamber.

Crystal Cave - Bermuda

According to local legend, Crystal Cave was discovered by two boys searching for a cricket ball in the grass. Another boy, the property owner's son, was lowered into the cave to check it out. Today the 500 meter long underground cave is Bermuda's most famous, and contains waterways as well as caverns with stalactites and stalagmites.

Success stories


Dec 11 at 13:22 pm
Was in Romania, saw several caves.

Nicola Higgs

Dec 04 at 07:31 am
tangier hercules cave

Siru Wallin

Nov 03 at 01:48 am
Many times

Balajti Melinda

Oct 14 at 00:48 am

Theresa Skulavik

Oct 01 at 19:22 pm
A last minute stop and a beautiful site! Tuckaleechee Cavern Gatlinburg Tennessee.

Irena Harrison

Jun 11 at 14:31 pm
My favourite cave is Lake cave in Western Australia.

Sumayya Marjan

Jun 08 at 08:48 am
Waitomo Caves Glow Worm cave exploration

Emmy De Moor

Feb 21 at 21:51 pm
De grotten van Han

Rachelle Pascual

Feb 21 at 17:30 pm
It was quite enjoyable however the cave was in Mexico and unfortunately I swallowed the water and later found out I got a parasite so.... won't be cave exploring in Mexico again and I learned my lesson

Mersadise Zartman

Feb 21 at 14:14 pm
School trip.

Scott Bair

Feb 21 at 12:38 pm
With my Scout troop.

Amanda Wellbo

Feb 15 at 08:51 am
ubud. holy cave. + thailand

Anina van de Wall

Feb 14 at 11:30 am
Congo Caves

Emma Hindes

Jan 18 at 03:41 am
Explored a cave in girl scouts.

Carla Chosa

Jan 14 at 22:18 pm
Mexico 2011

Sabrine feelingismy

Jan 06 at 23:47 pm
en famille

Inês Marques

Jan 06 at 19:57 pm

Shannon Kokkonen

Dec 29 at 08:33 am

Emma Dane

Dec 28 at 21:34 pm

Gabby Cabeo

Dec 25 at 11:25 am
Explored Luray Caverns for my father's birthday this year

Lauren Wright

Dec 09 at 22:38 pm

Христя Харук

Dec 07 at 22:15 pm
went through a crystal cave in Italy

Kathryn Taylor

Jun 05 at 03:44 am
I was so glad I did this with my family. We went to the caves in Mountain View and it was beautiful