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Eat Crocodile



Crocodile, one of reptile kind which is known as predator. As time passed, human has utilized crocodile for its skin, meat and other body part for their consumption. We used to found bag, shoes or other stuffs which came from crocodile skin and it is also common for some people to eat crocodile meat. Crocodile meat is popular in most Asian countries and it is consider as delicate one.

Chinese people has consumed crocodile meat since long ago due to its healing effect. Not only in Asia, some people in Southern USA also consume crocodile meat even in barbeque party. Differ from those countries, crocodile meat is restricted in the Europian restaurant menu. Crocodile meat is legal since they came from farming not from wildlife. The farm contributes in the survival of this species and suplly the meat and other crocodile products to the market. Just like rare Chinese alligator that almost extinct now after its get breed n farming the population increase to more that 10000 animals.

Crocodile meat is a low-fat, low cholesterol and high protein meat. Crocodile meat is not only delicious, it is good for your heart, lungs, blood circulation and it is known to cure asthma and coughing problems. Crocodile meat is best to eat with the skin. Crocodile skin is rich in pectin, which is effective in prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, and with the efficacy of improving skin beauty.


Success stories

Jez Harvey

Mar 07 at 06:50 am
Ate crocodile in Uluru in a carrot and crocodile canapé

Noemie Fixmer

Jul 21 at 14:07 pm
Tried crocodile on the BSB cruise

Lara van putten

Mar 25 at 21:04 pm

katie adams

Feb 06 at 07:46 am

Gemma Brewer

Dec 31 at 19:43 pm
in Oz. lovely.