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Eat at an Underwater Restaurant



Here’s what you can expect once you arrive:

  1. There isn’t much to see from above. You access the restaurant through this small hut, which also contains a restroom (shared with another restaurant) and a small food prep area.

  2. Scuba divers clean the outside of the restaurant just before each meal. Debris accumulates quickly, so be sure to take your pictures as soon as you arrive.

  3. Dinner costs $390 (including tax and service) before factoring in drinks — arrive early (or at least on time) to make the most of your time undersea.

  4. You don’t have to pay to enjoy the view from above. Frequent feedings attract a variety of sea life, including colorful fish, sharks and even massive stingrays.

  5. You’ll likely have a few encounters with this friendly guy. Stingrays move quickly, so be sure to have your camera ready at all times!