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Cuddle a Lion



How is that possible to cuddle a lion and not DIE? The answer, as far as I can tell, is to be a crazy, who likes animals. Studies show that this is possible to train those animals to recognize you and not to be hurt but it is something too risky but if you do reach your goal it is really something worthy. You need to have a special approach to lions as they are from the wild world. You can be successful in your animal relationships if you relate to animals as individuals, and do your best to remain in 'animal headspace' while interacting with them. You need to talk about them as individuals. And it must be noted that the the best way to interact with lions is starting with cubs. They can be used to you from the very first month of their birth and you can have your goal accomplished and have your best friends lions. You can cuddle those cubs every day . However keep in your mind that in any case they are wild animals and you should be extremely careful and training them will be a real challenge for you.


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Beth Gater

Jan 15 at 23:21 pm
perfection ❤❤❤