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Create the Perfect Up-Do



Perfect Updos That You Can do in under 5 Minutes


One of my favorite sleek, easy updos is the ballerina bun. First, make sure your hair is long enough to pull up in a high ponytail. Then, proceed by brushing all your strands in the ponytail well so they’re smooth and tangle-free. Next, grab the base of the ponytail, below the elastic closest to your hand, with your left hand. Now, take your right hand and pull the ponytail around to make a loop. Pull the end of the ponytail through the part of hair in your right hand to make a loose knot. Now, just fold all the loose ends of the ponytail around the knot to make a bun. Pin them down with bobby pins. Finally, spray it with hairspray!


One of my favorite simple updos is to simply put my hair into a high ponytail, and then tuck the bottom portion of the ponytail in the part of the elastic of the ponytail to create a loose upside down “tuck” effect. Then, pull it up at the very top with a little tug to secure things and you’re good to go! If you need to, pin any loose strands up at the back of your head with bobby pins. This is my go-to hairstyle and my all-time favorite!


I’m in love with this! It isn’t actually an updo, but it does keep your hair out of your face and it takes less than five minutes. It actually isn’t a braid, but more of a creative ponytail. It won’t only have people asking you what you did, but asking you how to do it! To create this, pull your hair in a side ponytail, and then divide the ponytail into two “tails,” and pull them through the opening space right before the ponytail starts, into an “upside down” ponytail. Then, just keep repeating this, creating multiple upside ponytails throughout the whole entire head of hair. It creates this twisted braid effect that is so easy to do! You'll need several elastic bands for this one as well!


My favorite low updo is the low chignon, which is great for nights out when you’re going somewhere special, or you just want to give it a little something extra special. Pull your hair up like you’re pulling it half up half down, and clip the top half of your hair up away from your face, just to get it out of the way. Fluff up the bottom half of your hair that is still left down so you get a little volume. If you have thin hair, tease the bottom portion of your hair a little. Then, just take an elastic band and pull it back into a ponytail, pulling it under into a tuck bun. Loosely pull the bun, just to give it a little messy texture. Now, take the top half of your hair that is pinned up, and pull the right side of your hair down around the left side of the low bun, and take the left side of your hair, pulling it down around the right side of the bun, pinning each around your bottom bun. Then, spray a little with hairspray, pin more if needed and you’re done!