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Create a travel wall



Have you ever wanted to have a wall in your house which will represent the places you have been or you want to visit? If YES you must set a goal and move forward to achieve it. Create a travel wall to display and keep track of where you've been and where you still need to go. This wall will be a nice decoration in your house and also will keep you motivated: every time you will see those photos you will remember about your goals and you will strive to accomplish them. In case you will create a travel wall of those places you have already visited you will look and once more remember those happy and enjoyable memories you have created there. Travelling is a wonderful life experience that everyone must do in his/her lifetime, because we live this one life and we must see as much as we can afford us: planet is our home! :)


Success stories

Ben Allphin

Jun 26 at 18:52 pm
Created for my kids and me to celebrate our travels together.