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Create a Flower Arrangement



Four steps to create a flower arrangement.

1. Prep all of the flowers by giving them a fresh cut at a 45 degree angle and remove any foliage that may fall below the water line. Any leaves in the water will create bacteria that will shorten the life of your flowers.

2. Create a base. For a looser and more organic movement to your arrangement, start by adding your green foliage first. I chose olive branches as my green foliage and began placing them in the vase in different directions

3. Begin adding your smaller flowers or accent flowers. For these, I chose clematis and saponaria. I loved how delicate they looked compared to the bigger flowers and the colors were too good to pass up. I tend to always add asymmetry to my designs, so I placed a few more blooms of clematis on the left side.

4. Start placing your bigger blooms! These will be your focal flowers, so begin placing them in all the holes in your arrangement. There is value to negative space in floral arrangements, but try to avoid empty space or adding too many flowers. The difference is an arrangement looking organic or overcrowded.


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