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Create a Bumper Sticker



Five steps to make a bumber sticker.

  1. Design your bumper sticker with a word processor or desktop publishing software. The bumper sticker sheets should include instructions for formatting your document to print correctly on the sheet.

  2. Print a test print on a blank piece of paper to ensure that the colors and design look the way you want them to. Hold the test sheet behind a blank sheet of bumper stickers to make sure your design will fit on the stickers.

  3. Print your bumper stickers onto the blank bumper sticker sheet. Blot the sheet with a clean, damp towel to absorb any excess ink.

  4. Let the stickers sit for 1 or 2 hours to ensure the ink is completely dry. This process is also known as letting the ink cure.

  5. Spray an outdoor UV protectant spray onto the bumper sticker. The spray will prevent the sticker from fading in sunlight. UV protectant sprays are available at craft and hardware stores.

Success stories

Reilly Smith

Jun 07 at 00:50 am
Super Mario bros, later found out about copyrights, but it was a blast

Shannon Kokkonen

Dec 28 at 06:17 am
Geocacher bumper sticker