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Climb Mount Denali



Denali is the highest mountain peak in North America, with a summit elevation of 20,310 feet (6,190 m) above sea level. From its base to its apex, it rises nearly 18,000 feet (5,490 meters), an elevation gain unsurpassed anywhere in the world. No other mountain offers such breathtaking and diverse views each day of an ascent.

Located in the Alaska Range in the interior of the U.S. state of Alaska, Denali is the centerpiece of Denali National Park and Preserve.

Mount McKinley’s tremendous size and beauty create a magnetism that continually draws climbers from around the world. Choice months for attempting Denali are May and June, before the threats of avalanches and open crevasses become too severe. The mountain provides an unforgettable experience, touching the psyche of all mountaineers who have undertaken its challenges.

Denali offers brutally cold and extreme weather conditions to climbers year-round. Temperatures dip as low as -75° F (-60° C) with windchill temperatures down to -118° F (-83° C), cold enough to flash freeze a human.

Because of its far northern latitude of 63°, Denali has lower barometric pressure than other high mountains in the world, affecting the acclimatization of climbers.