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Climb Mount Ararat



An amazing experience of climbing the Great Mount of Ararat, ancient Armenia's highest mountain, and the final resting place for Noah's Ark!

Mt. Ararat, the extinct volcano with a height of 5,137 meters, is a rewarding experience for adventurers, it's situated in South-East Turkey now. The actual Mount Ararat trek takes 5 days, with 4 nights camping on the slopes of the mountain. Climbing Mount Ararat does not require any serious technical climbing but one should know basic self arrest, ice-axe and crampon use for the last 200 meters of the mountain.

Four nights camping, two nights in a hotel in Dogubeyazit, starting and ending in Van. Also visiting Muradiye waterfalls, 17th century Ishakpasa Palace.

See the stunning mountain scenery and enjoy the moderate adventure in a high altitude!