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Celebrate St. Lucia Day



Also called Saint Lucy's Day, St. Lucia is a church feast day, celebrated on the 13th of December.

The festival is usually associated with Scandinavia, but can be celebrated all around the world. During the celebration, Saint Lucy comes into the procession as a young girl or woman wearing a crown of candles, followed by many other young girls, each of whom has a lit candle in their hand.

The story is that Saint Lucy secretly brought food to persecuted Christians in Rome, who were forced underground into the catacombs. Lucy would wear a crown of candles so she could use both of her hands to carry items. Lucy also means "light," and December 13th falls close to the winter solstice, so the name "Lucy" also has much significance.


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Cherie Stratton

Mar 17 at 11:02 am

Amanda Wellbo

Feb 15 at 09:08 am
every year!!

Milena Petkova

Feb 11 at 02:06 am
It was a nice singing and somehow really relaxed and sweet atmosphere. it was my first time to see this swedish tradition and i was excited.