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Camping at Stone Mountain



You’re at the bottom of Stone Mountain, lacing up shoes and stepping from gravel to granite as you ascend the gradual slope of smooth, white rock. You navigate between shrubby trees and piles of stones, pausing now and then to take in the expansive natural scene around you. Zoom out a bit. The frame fills with hikers like you, with runners skipping from rock to rock, aged explorers trekking alongside kids on field trips. Pan out even further and the 3,200 acres of exposed granite stretch beyond view; people are specks of color on the mountainside. Out of frame is the magnificent stone carving on the opposite face of the mountain. Visitors gather here, facing the figures cut into the rock, anticipating a dazzling laser light show. Now back to you, climbing the mountain, claiming this revered rock for your own, small step by step.

Stone Mountain, sitting just outside Gwinnett County, is a historic monument to our area’s diverse offerings and rich cultural experiences. The mecca of the South, this beloved attraction boasts so much inspiration and beauty, we’d be heartbroken if you missed out on all it has to offer.

Whether you want to rough it or retreat in comfort, the stars are brighter and the campgrounds better in Stone Mountain Park. Rated Georgia’s # 1 campground by Woodall’s, Stone Mountain offers 431 campsites, including yurts, RV hook-ups and primitive tent sites. Roll out your sleeping bag, rustle up a campfire and take a few days to experience all other Stone Mountain delights.