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Bungee Jump



Ever hear people say, "If everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you?" Well if you would like to answer yes to that question, then bungee jumping is the answer! Bungee jumping can be an incredible experience and it is important to prepare yourself.


Success stories

Tiffany Lemmons

Dec 07 at 11:37 am
Jumped off a perfectly good bridge for my 35th birthday. I was really worried I might not be able to jump after watching the first gal struggle for 10 minutes. But my Boyfriend had to go before me, and show off... So when my turn came I jumped on 3! Boy oh boy do you not feel that harness at all until the bottom, you just FALL! It was an amazing time that I hope to repeat next year!

Jewy Chester

Oct 30 at 21:55 pm
Nevis , Nevis arc , bridge , canyon swing and the ledge in Queenstown

Susan Zhou

Jun 02 at 05:30 am
My first jump was at Macau tower which is the the world's highest bingo jump and its 233 metres high!!! It took me less than half an minute to reach the ground but those few seconds were the best time of my life! The experience was awesome! It feels like leaving all of my stress to the top of the building and jumping to a completely relax place. After the jump, I think I became more mature and more willing to face difficulties. I am planning to go to Macau next month and definitely jumping again.

Kriengsak Kaewchuen

Apr 17 at 13:00 pm
I did it. It is a wonderful thing in my life.

Goncharuk Olga

Mar 31 at 16:32 pm
It was loud, scary and fun!

Simon Ansell

Feb 26 at 05:53 am
Completed in the Gold Coast during Schoolies week

Rebekah Heale

Feb 26 at 00:58 am
the most adrenalin rushing and free feeling experience! would definitely do another jump!

Mayano Mtng

Feb 21 at 16:08 pm
The Ryujin Big Suspension Bridge Bungee Jumping has the highest grade as an all year round jumping site in Japan.

Stephanie Whittaker

Jan 11 at 07:10 am

Ismarelda Fillis

Jan 09 at 09:35 am
Bloukrans bridge, South Africa

Anneli Johansson Eik

Jan 08 at 22:48 pm
Victoria Falls!


Jan 06 at 03:27 am

Teresa Thompson

Jan 06 at 00:45 am
Amazing - Bloukrans SA!

Billie Andrews

Dec 07 at 09:14 am
want to do more