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Build a Sand Castle



Ever been to a beach during a sandcastle competition? Ever wondered how the pros build such large and magnificent sculptures?

Well, with a little patience, some tools, and a lot of sand, you can create a castle so impressive your friends won't stop talking about the winner all summer long.


Success stories

XCrossyX XMotoX

Nov 26 at 23:44 pm
everybody must try it

Jessica Valencia

Sep 03 at 03:32 am
first built a sandcastle with my daughter aryana.

Samiksha Shashikumar

Apr 19 at 17:08 pm
I was very small but filled with big creative imaginations

Lara van putten

Mar 25 at 20:54 pm
Wie niet ?

Emmy De Moor

Feb 21 at 21:59 pm
Standaard vroeger op het strand

Scott Bair

Feb 21 at 03:25 am
I love to build sand castles, especially elaborate ones.

glitter dust

Jan 17 at 15:10 pm
brings back memories of sand castles built on our holidays to Weston super mare

Sadhbh Sutton

Jan 08 at 15:31 pm
Every summer as a child

Emma Dane

Dec 28 at 21:18 pm

Kyla Kemp

Dec 18 at 10:17 am
very small but cute and it counts