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Build A Computer



Almost everyone can use a computer today. Turn it on, check the internet connection, find any information they need. But have you ever thought how it works? I mean someone made it for you. I'm not talking about the programming but about the physical computer. So do you really want to be different than other computer users? Build one yourself! On the one hand you think it's quite a hard work, but on the other hand it's a really useful skill.


Success stories

Malin Fagerqvist

Jun 28 at 01:04 am
Built a stationary personal computer

Urban Elysium

Jun 10 at 04:53 am
Back in college I learned how. Most of know how I still remember.

Björn Willmering

Jan 09 at 21:12 pm
Der Plexiglasrechner

Kayla Chambers

Jan 03 at 02:34 am
had to learn to do this as a single mom because I couldn't afford one and wanted to do online college courses!

Jay Da Costa

Dec 08 at 07:11 am