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Become an Art Restorer



Generally, these professionals work with art galleries or museums. Additionally, they may work as private art collectors. Their main role is to restore pieces of historic art to their original condition. As an art restorer, you need to apply various techniques to restore historic art to its original good condition after years of neglect and damage.

The work usually involves three stages: examination to identify any damage and its cause, preservation to stop deterioration and ensure future stability and restoration to ensure that original characteristics are retained.

To work as an art restorer, you first need to have a passion for the job and artistic skills. Additionally, you also need to attain a degree in Fine Art, during which you should specialize in a certain field such as textiles or restoration. You also have to be well acquainted with the cultural significance of the type of art you would like to restore. After graduation, it is advisable to take up an apprenticeship to enhance your skills.