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Become an Actress



Do you dream of being an actress or even a famous actress like Andrea Thompson, Emma Roberts, or Jennifer Lawrence? Acting is one of the most highly esteemed professions, but it's also one of the most difficult to pursue. Successful actresses possess much more than natural talent: they're driven, unflappable and highly self confident. If this sounds like you go forward to your dream!

Career Requirements

Enroll in acting classes

Acting classes will help you discover your strengths as an actress. Some actresses excel at drama, while others are natural comedians. You might discover that performing Shakespeare is your calling, or that musical theatre is for you. In any case, acting classes teach you to develop and inhabit your character, work with other actors and take direction.

Consider Earning a Bachelor's Degree

Aspiring actresses can benefit from earning a bachelor's degree in theater arts or drama. The BLS states that a stage actress with a bachelor's degree may have better employment opportunities. Depending on the school, an audition or previous acting experience of some kind may be required for admission. An undergraduate acting program will provide an actress with in-depth training and analysis of the different elements found in film and theater. Courses include theater fundamentals, vocal techniques, stage direction, stage movement and auditioning. Students participate in both classroom-based education and practice, and often work with other students to put on productions throughout the duration of the program.

Attend Auditions

Auditions are essentially the acting equivalent of job interviews. For an audition, an actress prepares a monologue or reads directly from a script in front of casting directors. An audition allows an actress to showcase her skills in order to convince casting directors she's right for the role. Actresses must diligently pursue auditions in order to find work in this field. Attending numerous auditions increases an actress's chance for acquiring more jobs.

Gain Experience

A successful actress is one who finds steady work. Actresses may start gaining experience as extras in commercials or television shows before working their way up to speaking roles. Small speaking roles can lead to minor characters, and minor characters can lead to leading roles. Not all actresses make it past working as extras in their careers. In fact, the BLS reports that most actresses have to work a second job in order to support themselves while gaining experience in the industry.