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Become a Singer



Studies show that a good singing voice can be taught, It can be trained to be better like a body can be shaped in a gym. However some people are born with better voices and so they learn quicker, but ultimately anyone can learn to have a good voice with enough practice.

While most believe you're born with - or without - the talent, research suggests being a good vocalist is simply a matter of "practice makes perfect".

Here are some ways to develop your singing skills.


As a singer, your voice is your instrument. If you want to become a virtuoso, you have to practice, practice, practice. Whether it's singing in the shower, in the car, for your grandparents, in a church choir, or in your room alone, practice.

  • Practice singing your favorite songs, but also ones in different styles. You can learn a lot by trying different types of music.

  • Singing is a very physical art. In addition to trying to hit the right notes, practice breathing right as you sing, holding your body well, etc.

  • Through lots of practice, you will learn your capabilities and characteristics as a singer, such as your vocal range, natural tone, and preferred styles.

Take singing lessons

Whether you’re already convinced that you’re going to be the next star, or you’re just starting out, you can benefit from talking lessons. By working with a vocal coach, you’ll not only learn how to sing better, but also how to control your voice to sing the way you want to. Look for music schools or individuals that give private voice lessons in your area.

Get a degree

While you don’t need a specific degree or educational background to become the next idol, if you are serious about establishing a career as a singer, then you can benefit from getting an education. Many colleges and universities offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in fields such as music and vocal performance. These can deepen your knowledge and experience, making you a better singer overall.

Learn to read music

Even if you’ve got a beautiful voice, if you can’t read music, then you’re illiterate for the purposes of your dream career in music. Knowing how to read music helps you communicate with other performers, write your own songs, and deepen your knowledge of the art.


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