• I think that only daring speculation can lead us further and not accumulation of facts. Albert Einstein

Become a Nutritionist



The fields of health and nutrition are blossoming in unique and exciting ways. There’s been a strong shift in our culture around food awareness, even greater than the fat-free diet that swept through the 1980’s. We want to live longer, healthier lives, avoid disease and feel happy with the bodies we’ve been given. And yet, there’s still a mountain of work to be done in educating people about the simplest of nutritional concepts.

There are more dietary theories being promoted through the media, medical journals, and so-called gurus on the Internet, than ever before. Perhaps this is why you’re even considering becoming a certified nutritionist. Or perhaps it makes you wonder if there’s anything new in Nutrition worth talking about? Because you feel intrinsically that this desire you have to help educate and heal others is not only noble, but also, a popular one. The amount of people seeking work in the Nutrition field has increased nearly 25% in the last three years alone!

These days, while they may have very similar sounding titles, the nutritionist and the dietitian are actually very separate professions. While the dietitian has some pretty rigorous education requirements to meet before practicing, the nutritionist isn’t held down by the same restricting regulations. Anyone can be a nutritionist. This doesn’t mean, however, that just anyone should. It really depends on what you feel pulled to do in your life.

Do you desire to understand how food works in the body? To discover how macronutrients break down, or how minerals do their work — do you see yourself doing biochemistry, or studying the physics of nutritional science? Maybe you see clinical research or public policy as your end-goal.

Do you desire to understand how the body works in relationship to food? How mood and stress, toxic nutritional beliefs, weight and body image, disordered eating, digestion, fatigue, and immunity all play a role in personal health? Maybe you see you see yourself working directly with people to guide and support their own discovery of dynamic wellness as your end goal.

The beauty is, there’s no wrong answer. It just depends on which path is truly right for you.