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Become a Master Herbalist



Master herbalists study and utilize the natural properties of herbs to improve the health and well-being of clients. They may assess clients' lifestyles and health needs to determine which herbs might be beneficial. Master herbalists work in natural health clinics, herbal healing centers, chiropractic offices, physiotherapy offices and health food and supplement stores. Some grow herbs, sell dried herbs and formulate herbal products. Herbalists may face struggles in being accepted as credible healthcare providers, since this is not a state-regulated healthcare profession.

Career Requirements

Degree Level - Postsecondary certificate or degree program and/or professional mentorship

Degree Fields - Herbal studies, clinical herbalism

Experience - Clinical experience is required for credentialing through the American Herbalists Guild

Certification - Voluntary AHG certification is available

Key Skills - Expertise in herbs and their effects, good communication, good bedside manner, analytical and problem solving skills, familiarity with human anatomy and physiology

Salary - $72,710 per year (median salary for all uncategorized health diagnosing and treating practitioners)

Career Options

Those recognized as master herbalists work in a variety of settings, assisting people select herbal remedies for numerous applications. Their specific job duties and salaries can widely differ depending upon which careers they choose. According to the Global College of Natural Medicine (GCNM), most of these individuals are self-employed