• The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. Mahatma Gandhi

Become a Lawyer



Lawyers represent all sorts of clients including individuals, businesses, and government agencies involved in legal disputes. In order to advise and represent clients, lawyers are responsible for interpreting laws and rulings and filing out legal documents. Some of the documents lawyers work with include lawsuits, contracts, deeds, and wills. Lawyers may specialize in a specific area within the legal systems such as criminal law, marriage and divorce law, corporate law, taxes, family law, or litigation.

Lawyers of all kinds work on a full-time basis, although many will work longer hours during the evenings and weekends as their caseloads demand. Most lawyers work in an office setting, although some travel for meetings and cases may be required. The job can be high stress depending on the specialty, but income for lawyers is good. Some individuals become trial lawyers, wherein they negotiate a person's innocence or guilt in the courtroom. Depending on the type of client being represented, these cases can become the subject of public frenzy. Other times cases are dealt with more privately, such as in private settlement cases.