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Become a Hairdresser



If you enjoy hairstyling and like meeting different people, this could be the perfect profession for you.

Hairdressers cut, style and color hair, and they may also perform permanent wave, straightening and bleaching treatments. Also known as cosmetologists, these professionals advise clients on their hair condition, styling and maintenance. They can work at beauty salons, day spas, hotels and resorts. Regardless of the work setting, they are responsible for meeting state health and safety standards, keeping their work areas clean and sterilizing equipment. This work often involves many hours spent standing, and protection must be used when working with various chemicals.

You can train as a hairdresser either full-time or part-time at a college. You could also work as a trainee, where you would learn on the job and go to college on day release. To become a hairdresser, you will need to have customer service and 'people' skills. You’ll need creativity and an awareness of fashion. You’ll also need a willingness to learn new techniques and methods.