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Become a Dressmaker



Dressmakers, also known as custom sewers, are apparel workers who make or alter women's clothes. Dressmakers may be capable of making original designs or creating copies of fashions from photographs. Some dressmakers are self employed, while others work for clothing manufacturers and use pattern-making skills. Those who are self employed might spend considerable time locating new assignments and clients.

If you want to become a dressmaker, you won't necessarily need formal education and training. However, you must have excellent sewing skills, plus the ability to produce flawless garments on a consistent basis.

Some dressmakers work from their own home providing custom-made clothing. A dressmaker may specialize in one type of garment, such as wedding dresses, coats or suits. Owning a dressmaking shop is another possibility if you hope to become a dressmaker. If you'll be running your own company from your home or in a store you lease, you'll need to learn business skills either through research or formal courses. Learning to create a business plan should be the first step, as this will help you create your dressmaking company and identify your customer base.

Required Education

Although a degree is not necessary to become a dressmaker, individuals must possess strong sewing skills and an acute understanding of dress design and construction. ?Dressmakers study fashion trends, sketch designs of clothing, select various fabrics and implement or supervise the production of garments.

Skills Required

In addition to knowledge of sewing techniques, dressmakers should have a firm understanding of garment design, construction, styling and fabric. Key skills also include attention to detail, creativity and the ability to communicate clearly with clients.


Success stories

Cherie Stratton

Mar 17 at 10:56 am
I did a lot of sewing as a kid and teen

Emilija Ilić

Jan 19 at 23:49 pm
love it!