• One must be a fox in order to recognize traps, and a lion to frighten off wolves. Machiavelli Niccolo

Become a Corporate Stooge



Corporate stooge is a person who supports the position of corporations without considering how others, particularly workers, are affected, as a result of propaganda or being paid off.

Five things that makes you a corporate stooge


How would you feel if you're not accorded that acknowledgement of working with your reputable company? You may want to ask yourself why But in real sense you failed to identify yourself with the company. Thinks of these, what do I wear to work? What does my facial expressions say? etc. What you should know is that in the real corporate world, personality beats the path for Goodwill.


How well do you know your company, how versatile are you to the operations and what products/packages is your company offering? Eg. It will be embarrassing for a customer to inquire about cloud computing and you wouldn't have "pin point" responses to the queries especially if you are working with a Tech firm ....... It may hunt you forever


If your colleagues/friends at work sees you to be the carefree type, always absent with excuses, always present with comedy and offering less to productivity, then you may want to reexamine yourself. Being funny at work isn't bad but too much of it everyday jeopardizes your entire appearance at work. Not this alone, sexual harassment, drinking problems and other negative behaviors put you in that negative picture


Again, how would you feel being the odd consistently amongst colleagues/friends at work especially when brainstorming. You may want to say you're being realistic but note that everyone else seems positive and real but you .............. Learn to be real with substantial fact not emotions and skepticism. This gloomy your corporate appearance at work


Let me clarify this. Listening is different from hearing though they're being used interchangeably. The motive lies in the response of the message and it's influence on tomorrow. Now, how we'll have you listened to your colleagues/friends at your workplace. Do you incorrigibly do those same things denounced by your colleagues/friends? This is the time to avoid those acts because they go along way to define your character. Due to your poor listening culture, so much information may not come to you and or may come to you in distortions and delayed. If you are aware of the effects of rumours and grape vines, then, you may want to do well to correct this.