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Become a Auto Mechanic



A person with good manual dexterity and a desire to figure out problems often has what it takes to become an auto mechanic, also known as an automotive service technician. An automobile mechanic provides maintenance and repairs for cars and trucks. This requires an ability to stay current with automotive technologies. Automotive technicians may work for auto repair shops, dealers, tire and auto parts stores, gasoline stations, auto rental locations and government.

As an auto mechanic, your job may include routine servicing, replacing car parts, maintaining its performance, or giving it a complete overhaul. Postsecondary degree programs in automotive technology are strongly recommended, and certification is advantageous as it is a highly competitive field.

Essential Information

Auto mechanics normally inspect, maintain or repair any of a vehicle's systems, from its body to engines and electrical or computer systems. Some employers only require a high school diploma and provide on-the-job training to mechanics, while others require the completion of a formal educational program that includes coursework and hands-on practice working with vehicles. Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification is commonly required after mechanics begin working.