• If you can dream it, you can do it. Walt Disney

Be in Two Places at Once



To be at 2 places at once is possible both physically and spiritually:

  1. Physically to be at 2 places means to associate pleasure with useful things.

For example:

  • Take part in party with friends but at the same time work on translations on your PC.

  • Watch a performance at the theater and at the same time arrange meeting there with your friend during 20 minutes break.

  1. Spiritually to be at 2 places means a person can physically be in one place but in his thoughts totally in different place: dreaming and imagining.

There is also another time that we can count to be in the 2 places at the same time when you go somewhere on border.


Success stories

Örjan Karlén

Jan 24 at 14:01 pm

Laura C

Jan 01 at 22:28 pm
I went skiing and was on the border of Switzerland and France

Jonathan Baker

Jul 13 at 20:49 pm
meh not as exciting as 4 or 5 places at once

Valentina Lomborg

Apr 08 at 06:12 am
Standing at the four corners

Balajti Melinda

Apr 07 at 00:32 am
Vatican ↔ Italy

Laila van Pelt

Jan 24 at 19:21 pm