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Attend to Foam Party



Foam parties can be dated back to A Rhapsody in Black and Blue, a 1932 short film directed by Aubrey Scotto,wherein Louis Armstrong dances, sings, and plays his trumpet in a large area of soap suds. Songs performed in the foam are "I'll Be Glad When You're Dead, You Rascal You" and "Shine". Another film featuring foam parties is The Party, featuring Peter Sellers.

Modern foam parties were developed in the early 1990s by club promoters in Ibiza. Generally, machines were large, ceiling mounted foam generators, that created a large volume of foam that fell from the ceiling onto clubbers. The large water usage and subsequent cleanup required made this impractical many venues.

As Ibiza foam parties became more popular the craze spread, and the foam cannon was developed by Roy Barlow from The Entertainment Biz and Robin Wincup from Galaxy. In 1992, this was introduced into the UK, where these were the first machines to meet with all UK health and safety requirements.

In the 1990s, the foam parties were performed weekly at Amnesia in Ibiza.


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Corinne Neary

Nov 02 at 05:47 am
Went to Cabo with Toni nov 26 to dec 8, 2018

Bach Van

Aug 01 at 17:25 pm
Long time ago

Yolande Potgieter

May 09 at 12:32 pm
My 21st birthday party

Ashley Counts

May 03 at 08:28 am
Dale was messing with his foam machine and testing it in the parking lot. We had a few foam parties.

Soraia Henriques

May 02 at 02:53 am
It's all fun and games until the foam is taller than you

Sandra v. d. Linde

May 01 at 19:32 pm

Ariel Bosselaar

Mar 26 at 06:59 am
Rumors with Amanda woods.