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Attend a Rodeo



Rodeo clowns

Rodeo clowns have been a beloved part of every rodeo competition since the beginning of the sport. Not only are they there for protection, but they provide laughter and fun for families attending events.

Stock shows

Many of the major rodeos throughout the U.S. feature livestock shows where people can see prized animals from all over the country. There are even opportunities for 4-H and FFA students to compete and show off their hard work with their animals.

Special events

Some rodeos host special events, such as clay shooting competitions. These allow for people to exhibit other passions and often (such as the Boots N Shoot at the San Antonio Rodeo) the proceeds go towards other competitions and causes within the rodeo community.

Scholarship opportunities

Many rodeos hold major beauty pageants and competitions in-between the other events and offer scholarships to the winners. The largest of these is Miss Rodeo America and is held at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas every year.


After a long day of danger and excitement comes the nighttime hoedowns and square dances. One thing that cowboys can’t turn down is a great party!

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