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Attend a Masquerade Ball



If you are willing to have an unforgettable party you should try the Masquerade Ball. You can even organize it yourself. Throw a masquerade ball for Halloween, New Year’s Eve, Mardi Gras, or just for the fun of it.

The main event at a masquerade mask is the unveiling at midnight, where all guests remove their masks and reveal their identities. But, since this doesn’t happen until midnight, there are many things that can keep you entertained.

A live band is always the best option for musical entertainment. If there is a formal theme, can be quartet or a harpist or something a bit jazzier. If a band is out of the question, then a reputable DJ who understands the mood of the party and can keep everyone joyful there.

Games can also be a way to entertain guests. There can be set up a card table for a little game of poker (proceeds can go to charity), or maybe hold an auction. This can be a silent auction, or maybe they will ask guests to volunteer to be auctioned off for a dance at midnight.


Success stories

Mane Papyan

Jun 10 at 03:29 am
Student life

Sana Ahmed

Jun 09 at 13:40 pm
Engineering ball with the boyfriend. Was fun! Not all had their masks on because Mancunians do it differently but was a fun environment.


Jan 11 at 02:55 am

zin Zane

Nov 16 at 10:14 am