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Attend a Football Match



Football is one of the only sports that is unique to worldwide, and every year thousands of people look forward to the season. They may be over halfway through regular season football but then it is time to get excited about championship season! Every weekend football lovers come together to support their favorite teams and they do really love it.

But why generally people love football? And why it is so important for them to attend a football match?

Below we have 5 reasons people love Football

1. It brings people together.

Whenever our team is playing we all come together, either at the stadium or at someone’s house, to cheer them to victory. While we may not know every single person at the game or viewing party we all have something in common, we want our team to win and we come together as a cheering squad.

2. Never a dull moment.

There is never a boring moment during a football game. When games are close you can never leave the game or change the channel. The teams are pumped and you can’t help but become excited. Even during low scoring games you can’t help but stay tuned.

3. Food.

It gives us the opportunity to make a lot of really good food. Nachos, wings and cookies are always a highlight of game day. If you are someone, who loves to cook and bake but just never has the time during the week. Football games are a wonderful excuse to make way too much food and not feel bad about it.

4. Bad Blood: Rivalries

It is a great feeling when your team beats their biggest rival, especially when you have a friend or family member who is the biggest fan of your team’s rival. Rivalries are what make football as great as it is.

5. Something to look forward to each week.

Being college students, we are constantly stressed throughout the week. Knowing that there is an exciting football game over the weekend can motivate us to do our best work throughout the week so we can enjoy the game.

So all those reasons are a good motivation for everyone have a desire to attend a football match and live all those wonderful moments right from the field.


Success stories

Jess Purificacao

May 08 at 15:56 pm
Celta de Vigo VS Manchester United Semi-Finals Europe League 2016/2017 Estadio de Balaídos Ft.Little Brother and The Pombos

Charlotte Cowper

Jan 02 at 15:59 pm
Manchester City vs Aston Villa - Man city drew at the last minute.

Rami Ben

Dec 10 at 10:06 am
Southampton fc vs Athletic club

Joli Suzuki

Nov 08 at 08:07 am
We went to the football match. The sound / the atmosfeer/ seeing the football players up close.... I loved it

Anna Lenge

Sep 02 at 10:22 am
Audi cup Bayern Munich, Liverpool, Napoli, Atletico Madrid

Sandra v. d. Linde

Jun 12 at 04:11 am

Clair Elliott

May 31 at 23:54 pm
worked at many and attended Aberdeen v st mirren with other half

Tamara Berends

Mar 13 at 02:27 am
Love football.

Jemma Hazlehurst

Mar 01 at 13:55 pm
city vs leicester we won

Cherie Stratton

Mar 01 at 11:01 am
never again

Abhinithi Nalwad

Feb 16 at 17:42 pm

lucca de suijck

Feb 16 at 11:38 am
fc twente cmon

glitter dust

Jan 17 at 15:20 pm
have attended quite a few

Marie Sillon

Jan 13 at 17:41 pm

Deborah Langouche

Jan 02 at 17:14 pm
Rode Duivels #ergo


Jan 02 at 16:59 pm
Watched my third football match at Emirates Stadium. And witnessed Giroud's unbelievable Scorpion goal!