• Learn to say 'no' to the good so you can say 'yes' to the best. John C. Maxwell

Apply to be on a Reality Show



Think carefully before you leap

Being on a reality TV show is about being exposed. And that exposure is to everyone, including your family, friends, neighbors, former school teachers, the boss, your priest, and your old flame. Is this something you can handle? Do you mind if people who used to know you talk about you? (They will, and it won't always be flattering.) If you're not worried about the real likelihood that your laundry will be aired, your worst moments shown in detailed focus, and your inability to do something a monkey could do made into highlight of the week, then you're ready! On the other hand, if you value your privacy and reputation intensely, reality TV stardom may not be for you; give it up before the going gets tough if that's the case!

Think about the reality

It's not reality for starters - it's a house, an island, a boardroom, a viper-infested pit, etc., that has been specifically set up for filming 24/7. On top of that, much of it will be scripted, so the "real you" may not be quite so "real". On most reality TV shows, you'll be expected to live in these fishbowls with very few private moments, with no respite from those you're sharing space with, and with relationship challenges thrown your way daily, relentlessly. And then there are the actual challenges you're expected to perform for the show. Think about the following questions very carefully: If you're trying for a reality TV show that requires you to "live it rough", is that something your manicured nails and regularly gelled hair-do could handle? Are you all right living with no mattress, or on rationed food? If you're on a show that requires you to take dares or to eat local cuisine, are you able to eat bugs, unusual foods, unidentifiable somethings, or do your vegan or finicky food ways preclude you from sharing in what might be the only protein available that day, or that might win you the challenge?! Can you bear to have to pit your wits against that Harvard graduate every five minutes? Will it bother you to be locked out of a cozy huddle because you're considered to be an outsider at some stage as the game plan in the show unfolds? Can you stand to put your hand into that bee-infested box? (Or are you so allergic to insects that going on a daring challenge show is plain out of the question?) Are you willing to give up your day job or take extended unpaid leave if your employer isn't in agreement with you about having time off work to "play TV games"?

Know why you want to do this

It may sound trite, especially after going through all the steps above, but the shows producers will want a strong, well-founded response and not just one based merely on your wish to never work in a cocktail bar again. Formulate an answer that demonstrates your strengths, your interesting points, and a desire to be a good role model. Telling them "I want to be famous" rarely distinguishes you from every other person wanting the same. Be confident in what you believe you can contribute to the show as well as focusing on your hoped-for outcome.