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Adopt a Cat



  1. Adopting a cat from a shelter rather than other avenues means you are helping, and not contributing to, the pet overpopulation problem.

  2. The cost of adopting a pet at an animal shelter is usually much less expensive than buying one from a breeder or pet store.

  3. Breeders or pet stores sell pets with the incentive to make money, whereas shelters are focused on the animal's best interests.

  4. Often cats adopted from shelters have already been spayed or neutered. Most of them have also been wormed and vaccinated.

  5. Shelter cats have often adjusted to being around other animals.

Many people express that adopting a cat from a shelter is extremely spiritually rewarding - knowing that they are saving a life (some shelters euthanize animals for population control) and giving them a new home.


Success stories

Kim Mesorten

Jul 04 at 12:09 pm
to lovely kittens

Bia Rocha

Dec 31 at 18:58 pm
He was less than a 1 month old and was almost dying. A friend found him but he wasn't eating neither drinking. So I kept him and took care of him. Now he is pretty happy

Bianca Laprade

Dec 17 at 15:57 pm
her nMe is charlot

Lauren Wright

Dec 09 at 22:33 pm
molly and villy both sister we saw onlien when along both feel in love me I want to cry. fit in just right both mad do whird things. cats do

Beverly Hoffrichter

Dec 02 at 19:33 pm
Marbles and Patches

gabie dibble

Nov 28 at 01:48 am
A black cat named twilight

tracey mandavy

Nov 13 at 07:44 am
kitkat tge ex breeding purebred ragdoll age 5

Lizzie Whalen

May 12 at 20:49 pm
our little josh josh is awesome

Karen Tarroyo

May 12 at 19:57 pm
when i was 14....

Bucketlist127 User

May 09 at 23:51 pm

Antje Heyer

May 07 at 22:31 pm
After realizing that having own kids isn't possible for me, Markee and Gary came into my life!

Vanja Brakel

Apr 28 at 22:27 pm

Cristina Mylroie

Mar 21 at 05:23 am
Got Eclipse and Syrius through a friend, who had another friend who knew someone who was not looking after them properly.

Caitlin Breen

Mar 15 at 03:06 am
Henry and Winnie.

Maria Machalepis

Mar 01 at 20:14 pm

glitter dust

Jan 17 at 15:22 pm
my beloved adopted cat ruby

Sarah Bre

Jan 10 at 20:58 pm

Victoria Handley

Dec 31 at 12:05 pm
Mushu! The cutest little cat in the whole wide world.

Denice Hansen

Dec 29 at 01:12 am
best thing I ever did!

Shannon Kokkonen

Dec 28 at 00:37 am
Adopted Dark & Snow, sisters, from Copper Country Humane Society.

Claire Hall

Dec 19 at 12:32 pm

Christine Pellerin

Dec 17 at 03:10 am