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Become a native speaker

Some of us go through life speaking only one language. Others study other languages. Some do it because they like it. Some do it because they have to.

Find your joy in Nature

We often do not realise, that the answers to many questions that we are unable to find and relax are hidden in nature.We are a part of nature, and it is here, that we are free: free to walk, free to speak, free with our body and soul.

Education for the future of your dreams

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. - Malcolm X Education has a very important role in everyone’s life. Perhaps it is one of the most necessary conditions. Of course there are many people who

Bucket List: be healthy and get involved in sport

Does sport have the power to change a person's life?! I do think it does! What will you gain? Why is it so important and why does it become even a life goal for many people? Those questions have their answers though those answers may be different depe

How to Find Your Ideal Job

Today we’ll see how to find the ideal job in kinda weird and not trivial way. So be ready for the most unusual post you’ve ever seen, things I will suggest to do will sound awkward and crazy. You don’t have to believe, just try it yourself and you will se

Bucket List: get your freedom and travel

Travelling - at first sight it seems to be a very simple word, but when we want to understand deeply the meaning of it, we will find that it has numerous definitions which will lead us to gain different kinds of ideas.