Ideas for Bucket List

Ideas for Bucket List

Each of us comes to the world with some missions. And when a person becomes conscious, since then, dreams start to follow one another. Dreams become life goals, goals turn into aspirations that find their place in our mind Bucket List.

Each new dream gives rise to new opportunities and thought developments and when a dream comes true, it gives motivation for new creations.

Your dream in our Bucket List

Often a moment can give birth to the dreams and only that moment can “snatch” them. Sometimes we regret the loss of an opportunity to have a new and interesting memory in our life. Therefore, we surely can recommend you our Bucket List aid that will reach to you anytime. Save the ideas immediately while they have visited you by accessing Bucket List 127. Here you can find numerous unique ideas that once were hidden in your mind Bucket List. Doing like this you will give yourself an opportunity to see them and never forget the necessity of their implementation in your life.

Ideas that become life goals

On the way of implementing the ideas many of us may feel upset, lose hope, others link the implementation of the goals with finance.

Nevertheless, there are dreams which are not material but they can raise spiritual satisfaction which will give a great power to overcome life difficulties.

There is no one who hasn’t met any difficulties in a specific stage of life. The difficulties should not weaken the person, but on the contrary, they must strengthen us in order to be able to go forward and prove ourselves and life that we are capable of reaching all those goals that we have set in front of us.

Perhaps you will think it is easier to say than to act but like Walt Disney said: "If you can dream it, you can do it" and let me offer you some ideas that have found their place in our Bucket List from a long time waiting for their dreamers.

Learn to Drive

There a lot of people nowadays that have a vehicle but can't drive as it should be.

Your safety is first

Once you learn driving, you automatically get accustomed to the various road signs because that’s what you need to learn and be careful about. Getting used to knowing and understanding the road signs is extremely important for yours and your family’s safety. Once you have learnt driving, you don’t need to rely on anyone else and trust anyone else with your car and yours and your family’s safety. Because you are behind the wheels, you will take extra care and precautions to drive as carefully as you can, which some other person might not really care about.

You can drive all cars and two wheelers

The ability and privilege to be able to drive any car after you have mastered the driving test is surely happiness beyond limits. Once you have learnt driving, you will never hesitate to pick your friend’s car keys and drive his car around somewhere if you are pretty confident about yourself and trust your driving to whatever you know.

You can trust yourself

It is always not possible and feasible to trust someone else’s driving all the time. Once you know how to drive, you know how much of it you actually know and you would drive according to your limits. In short, you know you can trust yourself with the driving and the vehicle. Making someone else drive for you will also be a matter of discomfort as in a lot of cases, he might not drive at the speed you want or the way you want.


Once you have learnt driving, you can ride around anywhere and everywhere in the city, or even out of the city if time could permit you. The independence of going and travelling anywhere is one of the most important reasons as to why you need to learn driving. Especially for people who love travelling around places, it would never harm you to drive down an unknown road with your two wheeler once you have perfected the art of driving on your own.

Help others in need

Once you learn the art of driving, you not only help yourself in urgent and immediate situations but you could also help your friends or those around you in any kind of emergency. After you learn driving, you don’t have to wait for anyone to go help your friend or a family member out in case that person is stuck in a hard and difficult situation, due to which you could prove useful to other people around you.

Visit Paris


It’s difficult not to get caught up in the romance of a visit to Paris. Wandering around the Left Bank by the Seine, or exploring Montmartre, makes it easy to soak in the atmosphere that makes Paris one of the premier honeymoon and getaway locations in the world. Going out for an intimate meal, or exploring the city’s arrondissements on foot makes Paris a memorable experience for any couple, while creating an atmosphere that is hard to not be taken in by.


Paris is arguably the European capital of art, and is defined by both the size and the importance of the Louvre, as well as by the Musee d’Orsay, and the many boutique shops and small galleries around the city. With too much to take in on a single trip, many simply head straight to see the Mona Lisa, or stick to exploring the Louvre.


A few days in Paris can mean taking in a diverse range of locations, as long as you’re prepared to put in the travel. The bohemian atmosphere of the Left Bank and the Latin Quarter is distinct from the glossier, high end fashion of the 8th arrondissement, as well as the business district of the 2nd arrondissement. A trip can take in a few of these places, or can focus on exploring a particular arrondissement in depth.


Paris is well known for its shopping experiences, with designer brands like Armani and Luis Vuitton well represented, while fashion and bargain hunters can search the city’s extensive flea markets and vintage shops. The city is also defined by the variety of the centre of the city, and the chance to venture out into the outskirts of the centre to the Cignancourt Flea Market on weekends.


You’d be hard pressed to find a more gourmet city in the world than Paris, from luxury restaurants like Le Meurice and Maceo serving up world class cuisine, to the street markets and quality of the everyday food. Key spots such as Saint Michel are recommended for outdoor markets, while every visitor should try some of the bread and pastries of the many boulangeries around the city. In this way, it is always possible to eat well in Paris, even when travelling on a budget.

Go Skydiving

Human Flight

Ah, mans greatest dream.. Or so they say.

Experience true flight. You have to get out of the boat to swim, right? So get out of the plane! Plain and simple, flying with friends is pretty cool. You can create formations, fly around and take docks or even track horizontally with others similar to birds in a flock! While skydiving you learn to control your body and fly with the relative wind. It’s truly amazing, and can be quite challenging as you progress. Once you learn to fly on your belly, you eventually start learning other disciples and flight orientations including back flying, sit flying and head down. Don’t forget about canopy flight.. That stuff is pretty cool too!

Sense of Freedom

I get a profound feeling of freedom while skydiving.

Anything that may have been on your mind disintegrates. It frees you from any stress or problems that may have been occurring. You’re thousands of feet away from everyday life, surrounded by the vast blue sky while flying.

Beauty & Peacefulness


Yes! You may think that the ride up to altitude and jump will be scary, nerve wracking and intense. And for your first jumps it can be, but once you leave the plane you might see why I say peaceful. There’s nothing like some fresh air and being able to see for miles, or flying past some nice puffy cumulus clouds. Not to mention enjoying the view under canopy thousands of feet above civilization. But my favorite has to be the moment you leave the airplane, flying your body for the next minute with the people around you, trying to improve your flying.

Conquer your Fears

You know that fear..

The natural ingrained human fear of heights, and the feeling of danger. Going through with your first skydive, and conquering all of those natural fears is very rewarding and empowering. I mean you just jumped out of an airplane, what can’t you do now? It definitely can have a positive impact on your perspective of fear and life in general.

Experience Something Incredible

Your first skydive is something you’ll likely never forget.

Sure it might be a little expensive for your first jump, and yeah the actual skydive might not take that long. But the experience has some great depth to it, and the idea of value by time doesn’t apply. If you think about it, the entire experience likely lasted half the day of more! not to mention all the mental, emotional and physiological build up minutes, hours, days or perhaps weeks beforehand. Plus, if you get hooked and continue with the sport, it only costs about $20 for a jump ticket! Or half of your money for the rest of your life..

Watch a Sunset

Many people will say that there's no any sense to watch a sunset, but they don't know that watching a beautiful sunset hits a lot of pleasure centers in our brain.

Beyond that?

I think the wavelength of the light could be an important part of our enjoyment for the reasons I stated above.

It’s the turning of a page. Like the metaphorically and psychologically important act of going through a portal, but at a much larger scale. We can put the troubles of the day behind us and move on, perhaps even get some rest. In the tropics, we instantly feel a reprieve from day’s heat.

And the interesting facts about sunset in the video below.

Get Married to the Love of My Life

Marriage is a lifetime commitment that many people enter into with a specific set of hopes, expectations and dreams. Although lots of people are happy with their spouses for many years, others come to regret their decision and end up in divorce court within a few years of getting married. There are many benefits to marriage, as well as downsides that may make it too much of a sacrifice for some people.

One of the most obvious benefits of marriage is the fact that you are entering into a commitment to live with and love the person of your choice for the rest of your life. Throughout all the challenges that life offers, a dedicated lover will be there for you. In marriage, you do not have to face anything alone; you are considered a unit by family, friends and the law.

Marriage tends to offer greater financial stability for both men and women. The combined assets make it a worthwhile investment, and two incomes make life easier for most people.

The opportunity to be part of a family is one of the most basic benefits marriage offers. Although single men and women can have a family, marriage offers the easiest way to start and maintain a family. Furthermore, two parents who are both involved in the life of a child mean a balanced upbringing for the child and less stress on either parent.

Graduate from University

  1. Enjoy higher quality jobs than non-graduates
  2. Enjoy better health outcomes, by being less likely to smoke, more likely to exercise, and less prone to depression
  3. Children also benefit from the educational success of their parents: graduates tend to have a greater involvement with their child’s education
  4. Are more influential in the community, by being active citizens who are more likely to vote and participate in voluntary activities
  5. Show positive attitudes towards diversity and equal opportunities, such as on race and gender equality issues.
  6. With their higher levels of skill, are a source of wider innovation and economic growth.

Participate in the Color Run

You don't have to be a "runner"

I enjoy running (I know, shocker), but by no means am I actually "5K material." To participate in the Color Run, you don't have to have any athletic talent whatsoever. Yes, you heard me right. You actually have the option of running, walking or doing a little bit of both. You could totally walk the whole thing and no one would judge you, I promise.

It's not timed

This is pretty awesome considering it actually forces you to enjoy the whole experience without being worried about how much you've completed. Why would you want to rush through the race when you're having such a good time, anyway?

It turns into a dance party

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to go straight from a 5K to a rave, look no further than the Color Run. After you cross the finish line, there's a huge stage with music blasting. At the beginning of the race, each runner is given a color packet specifically for the after-party festivities. Every 15 minutes, a "Color Throw" occurs and everyone throws their packets in the air. Most of the pictures you've seen from the Color Run feature these insane clouds of vibrant hues. Out of all the previous Color Run participants I've talked to, each one has said this was their favorite part of the race.

You get to be a kid again and get messy for absolutely no particular reason

You know that feeling you get when you enter the gates of Disney World? Well, this is pretty close. I mean, how many chances do you get to make a mess and actually get away with it? Not very many. At least, not in my childhood. As an adult, those chances become even slimmer. Don't you want to get messy when it's totally acceptable? I know I do.

You'll have so much fun, you'll forget you're working out

If only this were always the case. Even if you hate working out, I strongly recommend the Color Run. It doesn't feel like much of a workout, which makes it great for beginners.

Donate Blood

Save someone’s life

Blood donation is a lifesaver. Because there is no artificial substitute for human blood, someone needs donated human blood every 2 seconds in the United States. And even one donation can help save the lives of up to three people. More excellent facts about the importance of blood donation are available at the American Red Cross.

Remove excess iron

Iron is essential for a body’s healthy function. Iron transports oxygen throughout our bodies, and is integral to many other cell functions. While excess iron in the blood – also called hemochromatosis – is uncommon, too much iron can harm the body when excess iron is deposited in the liver, heart and pancreas, where it can complicate cirrhosis, heart disease, and diabetes. Excess iron has also been linked to high blood pressure. Typically, these issues are seen more in men who don’t donate blood, as opposed to women who menstruate, and thus lose blood every month.

Get a health screening

Do you know your resting heartbeat, blood pressure, cholesterol and hemoglobin levels at this very moment? Well, when you visit, your local donation center, you will. Before every blood donation, a phlebotomist will check these important health statistics. As someone who donates every two months, I can say firsthand that getting these checked every two months is a great way to track your health and see how diet, exercise, lifestyle changes, and other factors can be translated into concrete numbers!

And if that’s not enough…

Stand Under a Waterfall

Three hidden waterfalls to stand under.


If you’re looking for a swimming hole that’s convenient and easy to get to, this isn’t it. If you’re looking for a swimming hole that comes with unparalleled beauty and earns you bragging rights for even locating it, Havasu Falls is where you need to be.

There are only three ways to get to this 90-foot waterfall in the Grand Canyon. If you’re really splurging, you can helicopter in. If you’re really athletic, you can hike a challenging 10-mile trail. The third option: Hire a pack mule to ferry you down. Whichever way you take, you’ll be rewarded with vivid blue-green pools and a stunning waterfall with a hidden rock shelter behind it.


Thousands of years ago, the dome of an underground river collapsed, giving a little skylight to this previously hidden pool in Texas. These days, the site is so picturesque that several movies have been filmed there. And with its 50-foot waterfall, jade green pool, limestone slabs, and stalactites, it’s easy to see why.


It’s certainly not a secret swimming hole—Warren Falls is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, and with a nearby parking lot that’s less than a quarter of a mile away, it’s easy to access. That convenience means you’ll almost always be sharing its deep pools, multiple waterfalls, natural water slide, and interesting rock formations with others, but the site is so dazzling that you won’t notice.

Learn to Ice Skate

A lot of people just afraid to begin learning to ice skate.

I don’t know how and I could get hurt

Of course I know I can easily take ice skating lessons. But right now, ice skating is this murky, opaque, unclear place. It’s cold. There is the white glare. It’s inside. It’s fast. It hurts when you fall. And I have no idea how the balance or the form or the technique is supposed to work. I have no idea how you can skate so straight on this little thin blade. I imagine that I can easily tear my ACL or break my wrist.

And the same goes for leaving the law. For those of us hoping to leave the law, we don’t know how to take that first step. Leaving the law can be a dark place, where we don’t know what we’re doing. We don’t know the structure. We don’t know the tools. We don’t know the scripts. We don’t know the verbiage. We don’t know the non-legal world. And even if we feel that we’re not the best lawyer out there, at least if we remain a lawyer we still know our way around somewhat. Leaving the law can be learned, but it’s still a mystery for many of us.

It’s difficult

Of course the people skating on the rink make it look so easy and effortless, but ice-skating is really hard. You need to keep your legs steady and keep your balance, be able to squat, ad be able to fall and get back up. It’s not easy. Like anything, becoming proficient (not perfect, just pretty good at it) takes a while. And it takes effort and discipline and dedication, even if I’m just going to do it as a hobby or to enjoy with my kids.

The same thing goes for looking for a new job and a career in line with our Unique Genius. Sure, we know that there is a structure and a well-thought-out plan and people who have done it before to serve as models, but let’s be honest, it all looks like it is so easy and logical and possible … for “them”, but not for us. For those of us who are still scared to leave the law, we don’t think it’s easy. And we feel we are so far behind. And we feel it’s so difficult to get motivated.

It takes time

I know that to really learn how to ice skate (and enjoy it and become pretty good at it) I’m going to have to carve out the time. I’m already pretty busy, so I’m kind of at a loss as to when I’m going to be able to find the time to take lessons.

And many of us also find it hard to really get any traction on thinking of leaving the law, much less exploring it and acting on it. We get slammed with work. We get a new deal or trial or matter that requires our full attention. And in the few hours where we’re not at our office, we’re thinking about work as we go to sleep or we’re trying to fit in a time to workout or see friends or spend time with the family. And so we ask ourselves how can we also take on all of the work required to leave the law?

Ice skating is still new to me. It’s no less cold. It’s still hard to fall on. I still have no idea what to expect.

But these are all not reasons to continue. I know one day I’ll learn and be pretty good at it.

I’m scared. But in clearly spelling out my fears, weighing what was really keeping me from moving forward and identifying a small babystep, I’m no longer paralyzed.

I’m suddenly motivated.

Just like you can be.

It is never too late to do whatever is close to your heart. Trust in your power and believe that you are able to struggle and accomplish everything you desire.

Ideas are numerous and comprehensive. Find a goal that can motivate you and go ahead.