How to Find Your Ideal Job

How to Find Your Ideal Job

Today we’ll see how to find the ideal job in kinda weird and not trivial way. So be ready for the most unusual post you’ve ever seen, things I will suggest to do will sound awkward and crazy. You don’t have to believe, just try it yourself and you will see the result.

Find your life goals

That will help you figure out what kind of work do you really want to have. So, you have to start to think about what makes u feel happy, what are you ready to do your whole life. It can be anything - art, music, writing, photography, etc. Never think about, how other’s became successful, but about what you really want from your life. Others became successful because they have found their passion, the thing they are ready to do every day, the rest of their lives, they were different from others, and they were free of stereotypes, they never cared about what people will think about them, they just did what they like and never even thought about profit. You don’t have to find your uniqueness, you just have to let it go out, and show itself. Please don’t torture yourself finding your life goal, sometimes it comes to you when you just stop searching. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, and the world will start to move towards you.

Attract the job

We will use slides to reach success. Slides are lenses we put on our mind, through which we see the world. When we begin to see ourselves negatively, perhaps “too ugly”, “too dumb”, etc, then this is what we will see reflected back at us - even if it is not true. The fun part is, we can use slides to obtain positive results. You can imagine yourself to be famous, beautiful and smart, and then LIVE with this image of yourself in your head, applying it to your daily routine. Even if your mind’s energy is not strong enough, in the beginning, persistence will bring this “illusion” into reality.

This is the most unusual and fun part, you’ll actually make your dream job come to you itself. To do it you just need two “instruments” of your mind - conviction and visualisation.

General slide

“I represent an expression of the divine world and reveal in myself a great unique energy, making miracles happen in my life. I am happy to accept in my life a wonderful job and the profit I will get, doing the thing I love! I'm an individual, I came into this world to give my personality emerge. My desire becomes a reality, and all my talents magically being put into practice”.

Slide for specific life goal

“I’m a great musician, recognised worldwide. My music is a great expression of myself. My songs are being published and sold successfully. All who have purchased my songs become my fans for the lifetime! They enjoy my art and understand it as deep as I do". It was an example, such a statement can come up with about any profession.

Thinking, contemplating, but mostly feeling, and being in contact with nature will ensure development as beings. For the world to improve as a whole, we must start as individuals. Wake up and be aware and you will find your mission in this world, your ideal job.