Bucket List: get your freedom and travel

Bucket List: get your freedom and travel

Travelling - at first sight it seems to be a very simple word, but when we want to understand deeply the meaning of it, we will find that it has numerous definitions which will lead us to gain different kinds of ideas.

It is always a good idea to travel with friends or family and surely you are going to gain unforgettable memories which will fulfill your life Bucket List. However, if you are someone who likes to experience himself in different situations you can also try to travel alone and this will be a kind of adventure for you. You can explore the country and cities alone relying only on your own power in case of getting out of unexpected situations.

Create your Bucket List of travel and discover the world that surrounds you which isn’t limited only to your native country.

Make the exploration of our planet as your life goal

Isn’t it interesting to see what sort of secrets our planet has? Understand what was it like before and what is it like now. I think everyone has already meditated about those questions and still many of them are controversial and inexplicable. Each of us wants to understand what does this planet hides? What can be out there that we haven’t seen yet?

Even our whole life isn’t enough to see everything on this planet, nevertheless, I think getting the maximum from this life is more than saving anything.

Sometimes we don’t realize that spending hours at home or in front of the computer we lose the chance to see the miracles of life, in the end the opportunity to enjoy the real life is lost.

So let’s wake up and don’t let daily problems oppress us. Set a life goal and do even the impossible to reach it. Open new doors of opportunities, give that freedom to yourself, be confident and believe in your own power, because those memories that we create ourselves with our friends or relatives are priceless.

Your traveling motivation in Bucket List 127

Every day we try hard to offer you different destinations that will help you to find your preferable place to visit and enrich your Bucket List. Here you can find different sights of interest which will attract your attention and awaken great will to go and see them on your own.

If you are someone who likes to learn about new countries and their cultures you must surely have a Bucket List where different countries and cities will find their places. It is always a great fun to meet new people and learn about their way of life, to know about their culture and traditions and introduce them yours. You will always have something to compare and something to discuss in every new country you will step.

In our Bucket List 127 you can find places you haven’t learnt about before or just add those you have already planned to visit.

Here I would like to offer you some interesting destinations which may interest you a lot.

Travel Around the World

Traveling around the world at once is often a cheaper option than breaking it down into segments. The secret is to plan carefully and purchase the ticket well in advance. The cost is more than made up for by the amazing experience of seeing many places in a short period of time and the memories you'll have for a lifetime. Here are some tips for how to travel around the world.

Hack Into Travel

Price your trip as an "Around-the-World" ticket

This will be much cheaper than booking a dozen one-way flights. The two largest airline alliances are Star Alliance and Oneworld. The Star Alliance is the bigger alliance.

  • Star Alliance is based on how many miles you travel and they offer passes in 29,000, 34,000 or 39,000 miles increments. To put that in context, 29,000 miles (47,000 km) you will roughly get 3 continents (outside of the United States), 34,000 miles (55,000 km) will get you 4 continents and 39,000 will get you 5 or 6 continents. The more miles you do, the more destinations you can see and vice versa. Each pass allows up to 15 stopovers (a stopover is considered 24 hours in one destination) and you can get the ticket in first, business, or economy class. Star Alliance also requires passengers to start and end in the same country, though not necessarily in the same city. (There are also passes which are limited to geographic regions in the world.)

  • Oneworld offers two different pass options: one that is segment based and the other that is mileage based. Global Explorer is Oneworld’s more conventional, mileage-based ticket. There are three levels – 26,000, 29,000 and 39,000 miles in economy class, as well as a 34,000 in business and first class. Just like the Star Alliance mileage-based RTWs, all miles are counted, including overland segments.

  • Air travel is generally the most expensive way to travel. Use flight comparison websites like Travelsupermarket, Skyscanner and Kayak or flight brokers such as Travelocity, Expedia and Opodo. Pay close attention to restrictions. Many "Around-the-World" tickets mandate that you must always be travelling in the same direction, eg. L.A. to London to Moscow. You could not go L.A. to Paris to London. This takes significantly more preparation.

Get into the frequent-flyer mile credit card deal

If you have good credit, aren't afraid to use credit cards and have some savings, you can score thousands and thousands of miles to pay for your airfare.

  • There are tons of offers out there--most banks have some version of a credit card that has partnered up with an airline, such as the American Airlines Citi card.[2] You have to spend a certain amount of money in a set period of time, but the rewards can be huge--tens of thousands of miles. You'll need around 120,000 to get an RTW ticket.

Consider alternative methods of travel

For most of us, frequent flyer miles just aren't an option. It requires a lot of forethought and money. Luckily, there are plenty of cheap options -- and they're often more interesting, leading to more memorable experiences.

For train travel: In the US, you can travel by rail with Amtrak (if you booked in advance, it can fit any budget). For non-EU citizens in Europe, look into Eurail passes; for EU citizens, Interrail passes are a good bet. In Asia, the Trans-Siberian railway goes from Moscow to Beijing. There you can connect to Shanghai and onto Tokyo.

  • A Global Eurail pass is around $500 (€390) and will get you to 24 different countries.
  • Moscow to Beijing on the Siberian railway (with stops in Irkutsk and Ulaanbaatar) costs $2100 (€1635) for the no-frills, 16-day trip. For each extra person, the cost lowers.

For bus/coach: Greyhound is the line to travel in the US. The European equivalent is Eurolines -- where you can travel between 50 or so cities. And Megabus actually operates on both sides of the lake, only going intercity, though.

  • All Greyhound buses are equipped with air conditioning, an on-board restroom, reclining seats with headrests, footrests and tinted windows. In addition,buses make rest stops every few hours, and meal stops are scheduled as close to normal meal times as possible.
  • Lille to London through Eurolines can be as little as $36 (€28) one-way. If you're only visiting a handful of cities, it can be a good alternative to Eurail. They also offer a free luggage allowance of two medium-sized bags.

For ship/ferry travel: Cruises can be a frugal option of you think about the money you're saving on accommodation and food. Some companies even offer operate transatlantic cruises; ferrying from New York to Hamburg, you can feel like you're on the Titanic!

Find Accommodation

Look into hotels and hostels

Of course, if you have family and friends in the area, stay with them. But if they're all back home, hotels and hostels are the standard option. Some hostels are slightly fishy, so do your research beforehand.

  • Don't let the one bad hostel ruin the whole bunch. There are quite a few reputable chains and you don't have to go wandering up a dark alley to find one. Hostelling International makes finding one easy and just like booking a 4-star hotel. If you're willing to share accommodation with strangers, you can really get a bang out of your buck. And you might meet some fascinating people.

Consider couch surfing or woofing

Though it may seem too good to be true, couch surfing has a huge following and is a completely legit form of travel. Couchsurfing can set you up with people just like you all over the world.

  • If you're willing to stay a bit longer, consider woofing. You'll work on an organic farm for as little as a couple of weeks in exchange for a roof over your head and a some meals. You can build up your skills and get much more into the culture than if you stayed in a hotel, frequenting your mini bar.

Get into house sitting

Even better than couch surfing, house sitting has entire networks now that let you stay in a place for free just to feed the cat. On many house sitting sites, for an initial fee, you can put up your listing (and don't forget to sell yourself) and meet people looking to leave their home in trustworthy hands.

  • Understandably, there are far more people looking to house sit than house sitters. When you sign up, do some research on creating a striking profile. Think of it as a job interview where you're in a pool of thousands of applicants (because you are). Set yourself apart from the herd in whatever way you can.

Visit Armenia

Discover the most ancient, mysterious and at the same time a modern country!

Reasons to visit Armenia:

Mount Ararat and Lake Sevan

To see the most beautiful mountain in the world – biblical Mount Ararat, the highest mountain in the world from its base (not sea level), where the Noah’s ark landed after the Great Flood and the second highest lake in the world after Titikaka!

First Offically Christian Country

Armenia is the first country in the world which officially adopted Christianity in 301, 24 years earlier than Rome. The first Christian church of the world (301-303) is located in Armenia.It means here you’ll see the world’s oldest churches and monasteries located in stunning natural settings.

World's Oldest Shoe and Oldest Stonehenge in the World

To see the world’s oldest shoe (5500years old), as well as world’s oldest winery found in Areni Cave and 8000 year old Stonehenge located in the South part of Armenia.223 large stone tombs are standing here waiting for explorers.

Taste the Armenian Wine and Cognac (Brandy)

To taste the Armenian pomegranate wine and the most sophisticated Armenian cognac which is the visit card of Armenia.

Taste the Healthy Armenian Cuisine and the Most Tasty Fruit in the World, Apricots of Ararat Valley

To eat healthy, organic and delicious food as the Armenian cuisine is one of the oldest and tastiest in the world and to taste the sun-kissed apricots of Ararat Valley. “Prunus armeniaca” in Latin means “Armenian plum” as Armenia is the homeland of the apricot, the only fruit containing gold in its composition.

Ride the World's Longest Aerial Tramway

To ride the world’s longest aerial tramway (5.7km), “Tatev wings” which will take you to the huge monastic complex of Tatev (10th century), indeed a fairy-tale fortress – monastery nestled on a promontory surrounded by deep gorges.


To Stand on the Silk Road

To stand on the old Silk Road, its bridges and see caravanserais (hotels of antiquity). The Silk Road was about 7000km long, and 500km passed through Armenia.

Diversity of Landscapes

You will be amazed by the diversity of landscapes of this small, yet ancient country with over 5000 year history. From semi deserts up to the alpine meadows, snow-capped peaks and white sand beaches of the Lake Sevan, the lush forests of Dilijan or the huge red rocks of Noravank Canyon where we can organize incentive for you from A to Z.

Yerevan Night Life

To visit one of the world’s ancient continuously inhabited cities – Yerevan, the pink-colored capital of Armenia founded in 782 B.C. It’s called so because most of its building were built by the local pink rock (tuff) quarried in Armenia. Erebuni (Yerevan) fortress is 29years older than Rome.This historical city becomes quite another place of ineterst during the night.Bars,Discotecs and casonies are waiting for you to enjoy and have unforgettable time.

Travel to Spain

Festivals and Fiestas

One of the most fun reasons to visit Spain is to enjoy their many festivals. You may prefer a somber religious procession during Holy Week, or you may want to let off some steam by throwing any variety of food and wine at your fellow celebrators. Whatever the case may be, Spanish festivals are unforgettable and stunning.

That “it” factor

Spanish people often don’t consider themselves to be European, as Spain is both geographically and culturally isolated from the rest of the continent. Indeed, as the history of Spain shows, the country was often cut off from the rest of the world, and so a distinct and original culture developed in the country as a whole as well as in its different regions. So even if you’re a seasoned Europe-traveler, Spain won’t look anything like the cities you’ve visited before.

Food, food food

Spanish food is famous the world around, and every region has its own specialties. Paella, jamón, and croquettas pair well with sangria and Spanish wine, and the list certainly doesn’t end there. The tapas culture of Spain still lives on, especially in the south of Spain, and in the north, cities like San Sebastian offer pinchos that combine the freshest and most delicious ingredients around. Open your eyes, your minds and your stomachs to the delectable of reasons to visit Spain.

Nothing is quite the same

This point is often harped on, but I really cannot stress it enough: this is one of the most important reasons to visit Spain. Every province of Spain is drastically different from every other, and each one has its own incredible beauty. Whether you go to explore Galicia, Basque country, Catalonia or Andalusia, you’ll always find something that surprises you about the difference in culture. If you can, explore several regions in Spain and see what differences you notice.

You’ll never meet a friendlier people

There are plenty of reasons to visit Spain as a tourist, but this one reaches out to those of you who are trying to practice your language. The people of Spain are very friendly and never hesitate to answer questions or give directions; sometimes they may even take it upon themselves to walk you all the way to your destination themselves! If you’re in a café or a bar, whoever sits next to you will undoubtedly chat with you with all the patience in the world. Spain is a great place to practice your conversation and a great place to get lost in, because you’ll never be without a conversation partner or a kind soul to point you the right way.

Flamenco Dancing

When you think of Spain, the image that probably comes to mind is a flamenco dancer standing tall and proud, fan in her hand. Though this tradition has been highly publicized in popular culture, you absolutely must experience the art and passion that is Flamenco. If you love music and dancing and contagious energy, this is one of the great reasons to visit Spain.

Monuments galore

In Madrid stands the Palacio Real. In Barcelona, you must see the Sagrada Familia. Granada boasts the Alhambra, and the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela stands proud in its Galician town. Historical monuments and tourist attractions in Spain are in no short supply, another of the great reasons to visit Spain.


Yet another widely known fact about Spain is its tradition of bullfighting, even more so now that it has recently come under fire in politics and the press. Beautiful and terrible, there’s nothing quite like bullfighting anywhere else in the world. History, society, culture and literature all combine in the bullfighting ring, a sight you must see for yourself.

Something for everyone

Whether you’re travelling alone, with friends, with your significant other, with your family or with your school, you’ll never be bored as you explore Spain, and neither will your travelling companions. Spain is the whole package, for every interest and for every age group, and there’s no shortage of interesting and cool and different things to do, making any interest you have one of our reasons to visit Spain.

Ease of travel

When people decide to take a trip to the Iberian Peninsula, they always say they’re going to “Spain” rather than one particular city. This is because of the incredible Spanish infrastructure that allows visitors and residents to travel between any and all cities easily, cheaply and through a variety of different modes. Trains, planes, busses and cars are all readily available and easy to navigate, so your visit to Spain can have as many stops as you like.

Travel Abroad Alone


The more you challenge yourself; the more you stretch yourself, the bigger your world becomes. You can learn how to navigate in a strange city, build a campfire, learn a language. Overcome one obstacle, and you meet the next more confidently. Now, when seeds of self-doubt spring up, I remind myself, Well, you’ve come this far, what’s the big deal?

Time for reflection and self-knowledge

The beauty of solo travel is time. Time to be alone; time to reflect; time to test yourself. Granted, sometimes that’s uncomfortable. Sometimes, you simply feel lonely and awkward, but recognizing those feelings and learning to overcome them is all part of the process. You get to know yourself in a new way, test yourself in new situations. After weeks of camping in remote places, I felt steeped in peaceful silence. I felt refreshed. How often do we allow ourselves to really be alone?

No one to “filter” your experience

When you travel with a companion, however compatible, you see the world, in part, through your companion’s eyes. Your attention is split between your experience and perspective and those of your companion. When you travel alone, your focus is undivided. You can be more engaged in and more attentive to the place you’re in.

Traveling on your own term

No compromise, no catering. Wake up early; sleep until noon. Eat at the corner greasy spoon; dine with linen and china. When you travel solo, not only is your experience unfiltered by the perspective and opinions of your companion, but you can create the journey that reflects your style and preferences, right down to the details. You can be spontaneous without accounting for anyone else’s feelings. This trip is your blank canvas. Start painting!

Meeting people more easily

As a single woman you’re approachable. You aren’t intimidating. Plus, you can more easily enter the often hidden feminine world of the household—the kitchen, the garden, the nursery. You can interact with the women around you. As an older single woman, I tend to be invisible as well and less a target for unwanted male attention. That’s a refreshing development. In North America, I’ve found that people are generally helpful and even protective. After a year of camping, sometimes in very remote areas, I’ve never been hassled. Occasionally, I even stumbled across couples who are mature and evolved enough to welcome my company. I’ve made some great friends this way.

Visit the Rockefeller Center

Take a twirl on the most famous ice rink in the city

This is an essential NYC holiday experience. Go early in the season and early in the day to avoid the lines. Or wait until the tree is down in early January and take a quick lunchtime skate at a bargain price. Visit the website for skating rates and reservations.

Get an up-close view of the giant Swarovski crystal star that graces the top of the Christmas tree

There's a duplicate on the north side of the plaza. The real star weighs almost 600 pounds and sports 25,000 crystals but you can get a miniature ornament-sized one for your own tree at the nearby Swarovski shop.

Strike a pose

Hire a photographer or tag a passerby and have them snap a shot of you and yours in front of the tree. Looking for something slightly more unique? The office buildings on Sixth Avenue abound with festive outdoor holiday displays.

Learn about fire safety at the FDNY Fire Zone

General admission is free to this fire-safety learning center, where kids play with interactive exhibits, climb aboard a fire truck and meet a real fireman. For $6, you can view a multimedia fire simulation presentation. During the week, school groups get priority in the morning, so call before heading out.

Head to the Top of the Rock observation deck

Experience breathtaking views of the NYC skyline. Don't forget your camera.

Take a tour for an inside look at Rock Center's art, architecture and history

Prefer to do it yourself? See how many of these pieces of art you can spot along the way.

Visit The LEGO Store

Visit it for a little playtime and be sure to check out the mini version of Rockefeller Center made entirely from LEGO bricks. Pop outside and drop your change in the Salvation Army bucket, where bell ringers entertain the crowds with festive song and dance.

Go behind the scenes of your favorite TV shows on an NBC Studio Tour

Guests get access to shows like The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Saturday Night Live and more. If you prefer theater, take a Stage Door Tour at Radio City Music Hall. Tours run daily, even during the holidays.

Channel your inner gamer in a visit to Nintendo NYC

There on-display gaming systems allow fans young and old to play for free.

Visit Rock Center via the subway

I bring my son through the massive underground labyrinth of the Concourse. It's fun to surprise him as we walk through the buildings and exit into the plaza to see the tree. At the Concourse, watch the skaters from one of two fancy restaurants or grab a bite at one of the faster, food court places and eat at the windowed seating area. There is also an ATM, post office and clean bathrooms on the Concourse level, along with perhaps two of the city's most crowded Starbucks.

Visit Washington DC

Almost everyone think that Washington D. C. is only for politics. They are wrong.


The city boasts 11 of the 19 Smithsonian Museums, including the National Air and Space Museum, Museum of National History, National Museum of American History and so many more. The best thing about them? Admission is FREE! Not only that, the exhibitions inside are world class. To be honest, you really don’t even need to be big into history to appreciate everything that’s going on inside. Another museum that’s well worth a visit is the International Spy Museum, which does charge and admission fee of about $20 but features the most international espionage artifacts ever placed on public display (if that’s your kind of thing).


From burger joints to food trucks to pizza to fine dining, D.C. has something to suit any palate (and pocket!) Special mentions go out to ‘We the Pizza’ in Capitol Hill, ‘Pesce’ in Dupont Circle and if you’re really feeling fancy pants, ‘Marcels’ on Pennsylvania Avenue or ‘Charlie Palmer Steak’ on Constitution Avenue for some of the most expensive but probably some of the best meals you’ll have in your life!

Getting Around

The city of DC itself isn’t huge and the Metro system is excellent, which means no neighbourhood is out of reach and you won’t be sitting on a train for an eternity to get to where you want to be. Getting to and from the airport to the city is also a doddle, whether you’re flying into Dulles, Reagan or Baltimore.


Georgetown in itself is a reason to visit D.C.! The small university town is like a breath of fresh air outside of the hustle and bustle of the city, with views of the Potomac River and more shops to stroll in and out of than you can shake a stick at. Be sure to stop into the Georgetown Bakery, home of the TV show D.C. Cupcakes and Ri Ra Bar for a drop of whiskey after all of your shopping. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also rent kayaks/boats from the Key Bridge Boathouse and paddle along the river (just not after the whiskey…)

Sightseeing Tours

If there was ever a city that you should do a sightseeing tour in, D.C. is definitely it. Grab a two day trolley tour pass and hop on and off at all of the attractions you want to visit, including Capitol Hill, The White House, The Lincoln Memorial , the National Archives as well as all of the museums. As well as that, you’ll come away with some tidbits of knowledge about the capital that you just wouldn’t find from going down the ‘do-it-yourself’ route. If you’re not so down with history, there’s also the ‘D.C. and Movie Sites Tour’ where you’ll visit sites from Forrest Gump, Bones, The West Wing, Wedding Crashers with even a bit of House of Cards thrown in for good measure!

See the Caño Cristales River

Cano Cristales simply knocked my socks off. Although I’ve seen pictures and read articles about it, just as you do right now, I couldn’t imagine how astonishing it is.

Pictures won’t do justice to the river of five colors in any case. You should go there and witness the uniqueness of its beauty by yourself.

But to go there you should first overcome the fears that some security reports could have raised in your mind. Don’t let the media feed your threats but instead, open your heart to a wonderful once-in-a-liftime experience. Because only with an open heart and a genuine desire to see, touch, feel and love the very intense beauty of Caño Cristales you could go.

And with open hearts you’ll be greeted once you set foot on the ground of La Macarena, the gateway village to the Caño Cristales National park. The people of La Macarena are extremely nice, open to foreigners and most important of all have an infinite love and respect for Caño Cristales and the plant giving its colors to the river La Macarenia Clavijera.

I’ve been treated in La Macarena like a family member, an old friend, a close one. heading to La Macarena was so easy after all, a direct flight from Bogota, but leaving it was like when I left my family and friends back home…with tears.

The last morning in La Macarena, Juan and Natalie, an argetinian couple, and I were having breakfast with Arquemides a local guide of Caño Cristales, although not the one I’ve spent 3 days with. I was fascinated by his name anyway as I had just finished “The bad girl” of Mario Vargas LLorca in which Arquemides was a kind of a wizard, breakwaters builder, but then the Arquemides from La Macarena was as much a wizard.

He told us stories about the village before it could open its doors to tourists only 5 years ago with the army securing a 30km strip around it. Too many of La Macarena’s children have been victims of the guerilla and Arquemides himself lost a brother. He told us to pass the message “tell people to come and visit Caño Cristales, it is safe now and you, the ones who overcome the fears, are the ones who help us build a better future for our children”.

I would do as he asked and urge you to go there, not only for the people of La Macarena, but first ans foremost for you, for a single feeling of being a privileged witness of one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Convinced? Can I give you a hand?

The “do it by yourself” option

How to get there

La Macarena is only reachable by flights. The local airline company, La Satena, operates direct flights from bogota and back each Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. There are also flights available from Villaviciente but in very small aircrafts. Given the kind of thunderstorms that can hit the region that’s another kind of adventure. A ticket return from Bogota to La Macarena would cost around 200$.

Where to sleep

There are several options in the village. hotels or guesthouses. Prices range between 20 and 10 dollars a night for a room. I stayed at Doris’ that I’ve met when leaving the small airport of the village for 10$ a night. She was asking for 15$ but when she knew I was staying for 5 nights she agreed on 10.

Where to eat

There is one “street” in la Macarena and 2 or 3 restaurants, all cheap, all very good. A lunch/dinner would cost 5$ and breakfast 2,5$. Don’t miss the morning fresh Arepa con queso in front of the basketball field.

Excursions to Caño Cristales

I paid 150$ for 3 days excursions to the river. The first day I joined a colombien family and the 2 other days I went alone with the guide. This price includes all kind of transports to the river: Canoe or plancha and a jeep ride. It didn’t include my lunch that I needed to bring myself. If you’re more than one person you could negotiate the same price for 2 and slightly more for 2+ but excluding the transportation. That’s what the colombian family paid, don’t be a paranoid tourist :)

The agencies all inclusive tours

They would offer the exact same service you would offer to yourself except it’s more expensive and gives lesser opportunities of hanging out with locals. A 3 day/2 nights/2 days river visit would cost between 500$ and 600$. They would take a very good care of you and this cost includes literally everything from when you’re in Bogota, Medellin or Villavicente airports until you come back there again.

My take on “by yourself” vs “agency”

I wouldn’t have appreciated how it’s done by the agencies. Big groups, eating always together, same restaurant, you get to know 3 or 4 locals at most and spend all your time with other travellers. Doing it by myself was at a total cost of 450$ for 6 days/5nights/4 days visiting the rivers. Besides and that’s the most important for me, I went for crazy motorbike riding with locals in la savana, watched the sunset from the mirador with them, have been invited to attend children painting for peace in the church, played with the boys in the park, had tintos with old people in the main street, made some good friends of 3 guides, got to spend a day with a colombian family in the river and yet still managed to meet and get along with tourists: the argetinian couple who did stay in the same place as I did although they came with an agency. On the other hand, I had to worry about where I do eat and therefore could test different places, instead of the only one restaurant the agencies are taking people to, and could get one of my best hamburgers ever, a burguesa con patacones. Don’t get me wrong, agencies do an excellent job and if you feel more comfortable being taken care of, just go for one.

Now the contacts, con mucho gusto

Doris, my landlady organises all inclusive tours as well, and having witnessed how it went for Juan and Natalia I would strongly recommend her. Besides you’ll be most probably staying in her house if the 3 available rooms are not booked, and get the chance to meet her loving family.

Doris Mora

Andres Navarro, my guide and compagnon during my stay in la Macarena. I just and simply loved the time we spent together. He is extremely nice and has a big passion for photography. He will not rush you through the trail, will take you to the best spots for pictures and spend a good deal of time taking yours if you wish so.

Andres Navarro +57 3143242159

To both, say that “La marroqui” sends her regards. That might be your promotion coupon, you never know

When to go?

You can only see the colors, and the park anyway only operates between June and end November. Still, during this period it can heavingly rain for a day or 2. Put all chances on your side and plan to stay for at least 4 or 5 days.

How about security?

If you have already read all the above, you need no answer. Just go ahead, plan your next trip to Colombia and then to Caño Cristales. Enjoy

See Beach Glows

WHEN I WAS 10, my mom and I went to Jamaica. We spent a few days with family in St. Anne, a few days at a villa, and a couple at a resort in Ocho Rios. I felt like I got to see many different sides of life on the island. One thing about that vacation I’ve never forgotten was the night we went to Glistening Waters.

Victor, a family friend from Trelawny, told us about a restaurant in Falmouth where after dinner the staff take you out on a boat to the Luminous Lagoon, where the water glows. I didn’t think it could be true. We ate at the restaurant and when the sun went down, we took off on a boat into the night. A few minutes later, you could see schools of fish glowing greenish-blue in the water. I put my hand in the water and that made it glow as well. Our guide suggested diving in and swimming around. I was a little bit nervous at first — swimming at night — but eventually I jumped in and everything around me was glowing.

Our guide explained what created it: The brackish water in this bay — a mix of salt water from the Caribbean and fresh water from the Martha Brae River — combines with nutrients from red mangrove trees to make the area a perfect environment for bioluminescent dinoflagellates to thrive.

I just wanted to keep thinking it was magic.

Here are some more places you can experience the natural wonder of bioluminescence:



Bioluminescence can be created in a rare number of environments. In this instance, the glow is a natural phenomenon produced by algal blooms. The blooms carry and support millions of the bioluminescent dinoflagellates.

Gippsland Lakes

A series of alpine bush fires in 2006, followed by a flood in 2007, led to an outbreak of blue-green algae in lakes in Victoria. After a year or so, an algal bloom developed, meaning dinoflagellates could thrive. This type of bioluminescent environment is known as red tide.

United States

Manasquan Beach, NJ

Red tides are so-called because the water gives off a rusty red hue in the daylight. They can occur anywhere in the world.

Mission Bay, San Diego, CA

The algae aren’t poisonous, though they can contain high levels of ammonia. Researchers have linked an increase in ear and sinus infections to red tides, though it should be noted that algal blooms typically occur in conjunction with an increase in bacteria that feed on algae.

Torrey Pines Beach, San Diego, CA

Some lakes have similar organisms, but they aren’t bioluminescent. Scientists are trying to understand why bioluminescence only evolved in the marine species.

Cortez, FL

Bioluminescence is used by dinoflagellates as a defense mechanism to escape predators. The chemical reaction that takes place in the organism is similar to the reaction in a glowstick.


Luminous Lagoon, Trelawny, Jamaica

In the Caribbean, bioluminescence was recorded in the colonial period. In the 17th century, Spanish explorers tried to close off Mosquito Bay from the ocean’s water in order to prevent bioluminescence — they believed it was the work of the devil.

Mosquito Bay, Vieques, Puerto Rico

By reducing the flow of sea water into the bay, the Spanish increased the concentration of vitamin B12 (released by red mangrove trees) as well as the number of dinoflagellates. A typical gallon of water from Mosquito Bay contains 750,000 of the organisms.


Halong Bay, Vietnam

Bioluminescence can really only be seen in the darkness, so in Vietnam’s crowded Halong Bay you have to wait until the boats turn off their lights to experience the full effect.

Bali, Indonesia

The plankton light up whenever they are disturbed, though only for a moment. The greater the disturbance, the brighter the glow — boats typically create the most intense effects.

Ton Sai, Krabi, Thailand

Numerous species of phytoplankton are known to bioluminesce, and the glow can be seen in oceans worldwide at all times of year.

Toyama Bay, Japan

Not exactly bioluminescent plankton — this is a squid that emits light along its entire body. They normally live at depths of 1,200 feet, but occasionally the tide pushes them up to the surface, where they’re fished and eaten as a delicacy.


Zeebrugge, Belgium

The species of dinoflagellate found in Belgium is commonly known as the sea sparkle. Nutrient-rich water and high concentrations of their plankton food source allow them to thrive here.

Norfolk, UK

Norfolk is one of the better-known coasts for witnessing bioluminescence; however, the glow can also appear throughout Britain in shallow and warm salt water, typically after prolonged sunlight.

Indian Ocean

Reethi Beach, Maldives

Even though dinoflagellates are single-celled organisms, some of them are large enough to be seen with the naked eye. They wash up on shores and it looks like glitter. Walk in them and your footsteps will glow.

See the Tulip Flower Fields in Netherlands

From the moment the first tulip was planted in Dutch soil, in 1593, the Netherlands has been in extravagant bloom and the Dutch have been in thrall to flowers, inventing a whole horticultural industry and turning their lowland fields into a blanket of blooms. The flowers reach their climax, of course, in April and May, when Holland offers Europe's quintessential spring drive. For anyone who wants to see nature in all its glory and smell the roses—or in this case the tulips, hyacinths, narcissi, and daffodils—western Holland is the prime place to be. And the Dutch, as practical as they are aesthetic, have made certain that visitors won't miss a single bloom.

Between Haarlem and Leiden stretches a 20-mile strip of land known as the Bollenstreek ("Bulb District," sometimes called the bloemstreek, or flower district) This is Holland's bulb belt, home of the world-famous Dutch tulip fields.

These lowlands slung along the edge of the North Sea, spread across the provinces of Noord Holland (North Holland) and Zuid Holland (South Holland) just west and southwest of Amsterdam, are carpeted with mile upon mile of fields of gladioli, hyacinths, lilies, narcissi, daffodils, crocuses, irises, dahlias—and, of course, the mighty mighty tulip.

When to see Dutch tulips

The earliest blooms burst into color in January, and the floral show doesn't slow down until the late-blooming lilies make their exit near the end of May.

The core season lasts just two months: from the third week or March to the third week of May.

Mid-April is the prime time of the tulip, centered around a Flower Parade in Keukenhof usually on the third Saturday in April

See the Northern Lights

The northern lights - more properly known as the aurora borealis - occur in the Earth's upper atmosphere near the North Pole. In the Western Hemisphere, the best places to see them are in Alaska, northern Canada and Greenland, but they are occasionally visible much farther south, depending on solar activity. When conditions are favorable, you can see them by finding a place with a clear view of a cloudless sky and looking north.

The aurora frequently appears either as a diffuse glow or as "curtains" that extend approximately in the east-west direction. At some times, they form "quiet arcs" at others ("active aurora"), they evolve and change constantly.

Although it is impossible to predict far in advance when the magic solar winds will appear for each and every light show.

You can check the list of the best Northern Lights viewing points

  1. Svalbard, Norway
  2. Kakslauttanen, Finland
  3. Jukkasjärvi, Sweden
  4. Reykjavik, Iceland
  5. Northern Canada
  6. Scotland, United Kingdom

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