Bucket List: be healthy and get involved in sport

Bucket List: be healthy and get involved in sport

Does sport have the power to change a person's life?! I do think it does! What will you gain? Why is it so important and why does it become even a life goal for many people?

Those questions have their answers though those answers may be different depending on a person’s individuality.

Each of us perceives the world differently, therefore every one of us can have different views on this issue. For instance, sport is a guarantee of health for me, for someone, it is a guarantee of beauty, for the other, it is a career and a business. And, of course, there are people who will only start thinking about the sport when it becomes the necessity. So let’s meditate for a while, should we ignore it and then only realise the importance? Here is that main question, the answer of which I will try to find and share with you: faithful users of our Bucket List 127.

Make sport as a life goal in your Bucket List

Let’s think of those people who have made sport the meaning of their lives. Perhaps you will say: “Many athletes complain of losing the opportunity to live a real life, living in the sport they stop noticing what’s going on around them, they miss some precious moments which they will never live again.” I agree with you on that, though in this case, I will offer to take into consideration that it was their life choice, the route that they took themselves which also became their job.There is no one without daily concerns, we can always find something to complain if we start taking everything too close to our hearts. In my opinion, you just need to be a positive thinker and choose a field which can give you pleasure to be busy with and go ahead. In any case, if we observe the lives of successful athletes we will see that they all loved what they did and this love has given them strength to overcome all difficulties. I am sure that among you there are people who have made sport an important component in their life and they do everything to achieve success.

Be confident and go forward, set a goal and achieve it and when the dream comes true you will realise that the most interesting part is the road that has taken you to that destination.

And now I would like to talk a little bit about the group of people who are engaged in amateur sports or consider it a necessity.

Many belong to this group and it is encouraging. I think there will always be time for sport regardless of what you do in everyday life. If there is a desire, then everything is possible. Maybe this time there will be people who will disagree saying that sometimes there is a desire but there is no chance. And here I would like to give you a piece of advice: finance should not be linked with anything. If you are already here, in our Bucket List 127 and if you are reading this blog, then the Internet is available to you. Try to find sport exercises and instructions and get involved in sports at home, in your own bedroom or in the yard. In any case if it is something you love then you can create all the comfort you need by yourself.

Appreciate sport and be healthy to achieve your life goals

Sport is not only a foundation of an active lifestyle, a business or a good shape, but it also keeps you healthy which, in my opinion, is number first precondition for achieving success.

Amateur sport is definitely healthy, because the risks that exist in professional sport, are missing. Currently professional sport is not always considered to be useful for health. Damage or usefulness depends, first of all, on the training frequency and workload. People who train intensively do this not for health, but to succeed in sport. Light exercises that don’t need huge workload have a positive influence on human health particularly on the cardiovascular system, however intensive exercises can be harmful to the organism.

Լack of physical exercises can also have a bad effect on the healtհ, for that reason, if you get involved in sport intelligently it will be the key to your health.